Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Disneyland Paris

Space mountain has always been a ride I remember loving from my childhood and it is one my children have loved for a number of years. 

The one in Disneyland Paris probably always had the edge over the Orlando one due to the fact it goes upside down but now its excitement factor has increased tenfold. It has become Hyperspace Mountain and is Star Wars themed!

Being big Star Wars fans and big roller coaster fans, this is one ride we just couldn’t wait to try.

When we first got on to the ride we were delighted to be right at the back (its faster at the back, I’m sure it is!). I was a little worried that we had over head harnesses, the ride goes upside down more than once but we were told to just place bags etc loose at our feet. I needn’t have worried as they did not fall.

We set off outside and round the corner. Then we shot upwards into the dark and hyperspace. 

What followed was an exhilarating,  speedy ride being thrown around endless, corners, drops, corkscrews and loops with Star Wars music blaring into the dark. 
All of a sudden we came to a stop at the top of a hill will a great view of a Star Wars ship and then followed a lightsaber battle as we travelled the last part of the coaster.

The mix of Star Wars and adrenaline inducing roller coaster made the ride amazing and if I wasn’t feeling so sick I would have ridden again and again! 

Taking a child with an Autism Spectrum Condition on Hyperspace Mountain?

The disability Priority Card enables you to board the ride at the exit with little to no wait. You are likely to be seated at the back.

It is necessary for someone over the age of 15 to ride with an Autistic guest.

The ride has over the head harnesses that are tight and restrictive.

You start in the light but then go into the dark. There are star like lights, Star Wars projections and coloured lasers.

The ride is fast and goes upside down.

Besides general rollercoaster noise, there is also quite loud music.

Hyperspace mountain is located in Discovery Land at Disneyland Paris.

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