My son’s EHC Plan annual review 2018 and how he is doing

My sons EHC Plan review was last week. I was a little concerned about it beforehand as I am personally very happy with the content of his EHC Plan. After the fight  I had to get him into his new school, I pretty much rewrote it for him, so the last thing I wanted was to turn up to a meeting where it had the potential to be changed. 

I needn’t have worried though as his school were also very happy with the content of his EHC Plan and said they rarely recommend any changes in year seven. Phew!

The meeting was very much like a parents evening. More of a look at how my son is doing generally at school and in each of his lessons and if there were any concerns.

It turns out that he is doing great and behaving impeccably! I sat and listened to comments from teachers such as “I wish I had a whole class full of him” and “he is extremely good natured and helps me to tidy up”!  Between us we wrote some academic targets and some non academic targets that school would help with over the next few years.  

The unanimous conclusion was that he is now in the right environment for him and thankfully the recommendation will be that he stays there.

I have been feeling amazed, proud and happy this week!

For a lot of parents of twelve year olds my reasons will seem crazy!

My gorgeous big boy has spent most his time at home playing on his computer. Nothing unusual there, but whilst on his computer he has been chatting on his phone (very loudly as he doesn’t seem to be able to self regulate his volume!) non stop to his friends from school!

I have never seen him so socially involved in anything! For the first time in his life he has his version of a social life! He may not be able to go out by himself or meet up with friends but he is able to play games with them, talk to them and generally have a great time.

Going to his new school has not only put him in an environment he can cope with, enabling him to learn and thrive, but it has also given him something I am so pleased about, friends!

For most parents of twelve year olds it may not be a good thing for their child to be on the computer for hours, shouting on the phone and ignoring their parents. For me, I shed a little happy tear last night at the thought of  where he was a year ago compared to now!

Thank you all for your continued interest and support!

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