An adventure to find the dragon in Disneyland Paris

We crept excitedly into Sleeping Beauty’s castle hoping to find a secret stairway we had heard about that led to the caves beneath. We had a quick look in the shops and watched a lady blow glass into magical wands. 

We gazed at expensive sparkling shoes, roses and other treasures and then we came to a gated doorway.

It was dark through the door and a stone staircase led downwards. There were lanterns on the wall to show us the way and we gazed at the stalactites hanging from the roof, telling us this cave had been here for quite some time.

Down we went into the vast cave and that’s when we saw it! There, in a large pool of water was a giant dragon!  It looked to be asleep but was quite clearly breathing so we tried to quietly creep past without waking it. 

All of a sudden the dragon woke up! It turned and looked at us and made a loud noise! It even breathed fire! It moved quite slowly as you would expect of an ancient dragon and we could tell it had lived there for many years. 

We decided the dragon was quite friendly considering it did not seem to have much interest in attacking us, so we stood a while and watched until it fell back asleep.

We didn’t want to wake the dragon again so we crept slowly back up the stone stairway and into the castle. What an adventure! 

Visiting the dragon in Disneyland with an Autistic child?

The dragon is very large and also realistic.

The cave is quite dark but has low lighting.

The dragon is loud now and again.

At busy times there may be a small crowd gathered around the dragon. You can see the dragon from near the top of the steps inside the castle  if you don’t want to go down into the cave.

Underneath Sleeping Beauty’s castle, in the middle of Disneyland Paris, lives a very big and very real dragon! Visit him if you dare!

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