Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show with Mickey and friends, Disneyland Paris

We were at Disneyland Paris for Season of the Force and staying in the Disneyland Hotel with a free Premium Half Board meal plan, so we decided to use this to go and watch Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show with Mickey and friends. I’m glad we did!

After checking in we went through the ticket area and were all given large cowboy hats with yellow ribbons. This meant we were on the Texas Stars team for the evening and showed us which seating area to head for.

We started downstairs in the large bar area where, if you arrive early, you can get pre-show drinks. However we arrived just in time so headed upstairs to find our seats.

We found ourselves in a huge room. There was a large sand arena in the middle and tiered seating around the edge facing the arena. Everyone was sat in one of four coloured areas and those colours represented the team they were on.

On the table in front of us were some baskets of tortilla chips to share and plates. On top of each plate was an upside down bowl and the kids were excited to discover a cake hiding underneath!

The show started and what a show! We watched scenes magically develop before our eyes and were taken straight back to the time of cowboys and Indians.

Buffalo Bill led the show and his friend Annie Oakley showed off her riding skills and gunwomanship! 

There were lots of animals. Cattle grazed and were expertly hearded, horses were ridden with skill and buffalo even made an appearance.

The riders showed off their lasso skills and did some impressive stunts. 

We watched carriages zoom round the arena, traditional dancing round the fire and bandits partaking in a robbery.

The show culminated in challenges between the teams while we cheered and raised our hats in the air! Our team won which was a bonus! 

Best of all throughout the show, Mickey and friends were present and taking part! 

Whilst all this was going on before us, we were served with endless soft drinks and our meals were brought to us.

After the cake (I think it was maybe cornbread) and crisps we were served a bowl of chili. This was actually pretty nice and not too spicy.

Next was a very meaty meal of chicken leg, ribs, sausage and potatoes. 

The meal was nicely finished with apple crumble and vanilla ice cream. This was my favourite course! 

There was a choice of tea or coffee to wash it all down with. We really enjoyed the show and yes we did get to keep the hats! So if you fancy a fun evening watching stunning shootouts and sensational stunts as well as Mickey Mouse and friends whilst you are at Disneyland then this is the show for you! 

Taking a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show?

It was loud. This is a show where noise was encouraged. The audience were asked to bang cutlery, thump the tables and hold their hats in the air and cheer.

The tables are in rows so you may need to sit next to a stranger if you are on the edge of your party.

Although the room was full of people it did not feel so much as if you were crowded in as there were walkways in front of each table and the rows of seats are tiered.

There are exits all round the arena to make an escape if necessary and plenty of quieter space downstairs whilst the show is on.

Although we were advised to arrive half an hour to an hour before the show, arriving just on time was a good thing as we missed the crowded bar area and it was empty when we arrived with no need to queue to get in.

The children’s meal was very similar to the adult meal without the ribs or chilli and instead of crumble and ice cream there was an ice lolly.

If you leave just before the end you don’t miss anything and there are no crowds getting out.

There was a jester doing strange things like mixing coke with crumble and pretending to try to get guests to eat it.

There is audience participation in the arena but only if you volunteer. You won’t be made to do it.

We sat in category two seating near the back. The view was perfect.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show with Mickey and Friends is located in The Disney Village at Disneyland Paris. You can pay or use Premium Half Board vouchers to watch this show. It is advisable to book in advance to make sure there is availability.

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