Ten Great Star Wars themed activities at Season of the Force, Disneyland Paris!

Last weekend’s visit to Disneyland Paris just happened to coincide with Season of The Force. This is the perfect time for any Star Wars fan to visit the Disneyland parks and I took some very big Star Wars fans with me! 

Here is my round up of our ten favourite activities that no Star Wars fan would want to miss!

Star Wars themed activities at Disneyland Park:

1. Meet Darth Vader

The highlight for the kids was meeting Darth Vader. As we waited for the group before us to finish, my daughter was complaining about the short wait and Darth Vader scarily walked out of the room, straight up to her, removed her mickey ears, told her to be quiet and made her laugh!  When it was our turn he was a little scary but great with the kids and even the photographer seemed to be under his control. It was a really fun visit!
Darth Vader was at the Disneyland Park in Star Port in Discoveryland, near Star Tours.

2. Ride Hyperspace Mountain

We have always preferred Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris over Disney world Florida because of its loops and corkscrews so imagine our delight to find out it has been updated and is now even better! Hyperspace Mountain is a Star Wars themed rollercoaster in the dark! You are propelled up into hyperspace where you meet the famous Rebel Alliance and experience an epic expedition. Zooming around in the dark to Star Wars music with lazers and spaceships is pretty exciting!

3. Ride Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Again this firm family favourite has been updated and is now Star Wars themed! The kids were thrilled to be thrown into scenes they had seen in  Return of the Jedi a couple of weeks ago. This 3D simulator takes you on a Star Wars themed adventure.

4. Visit the Star Traders Boutique in Discovery Land

In this great shop you can make your own lightsaber, make your own droid and buy all manor of Star Wars themed souvenirs. It is worth a look even if you’re not buying anything. If you ride Star Tours then the exit takes you into the shop.

5. Disney Illuminations

I have included this as, even though it is not entirely  Star Wars themed it does include Star Wars and is worth watching. The Sleeping Beauty Castle is the centerpiece of this illumination show and is magically transformed with light projections, fireworks and special effects. 

Star Wars themed activities at Walt Disney Studios Park:

6. Walk through Disney Studio 1 on the way into Walt Disney Studios

Disney Studio 1 has been done up for Season of the Force and even just walking through is an experience for Star Wars Fans! The giant X Wing and Tie Fighter fighting above your head are definitely worth a look.

7. Watch Star Wars – A Galactic Celebration at Walt Disney Studios

This is an open-air scene projection onto the Tower of Terror at park closing time. It includes thrilling new scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
The kids loved spotting projected scenes from the film they recently watched and watching their favourite characters on stage.

8. Watch Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This is an outdoor stage production which is on several times a day in the Production Courtyard. The show is a great chance to see Darth Vader  Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and R2-D2  and a must see for Star Wars fans of all ages.

9. Watch The First Order March at Walt Disney Studios Park

The First Order March is an impressive parade of Stormtroopers, led by the daunting Captain Phasma.
This parade certainly entertained my Star Wars fans and is a must see if you like Stormtroopers.

10. Stormtroopers Patrol

There are various opportunities throughout the day to meet Stormtroopers as they patrol round the Production Courtyard in Walt Disney Studios Park.
We saw them at the first morning appearance. There were two Stormtroopers posing for photos. They are so realistic and worth seeing.

Where to eat to finish off the Star Wars theme?

I would try Hyperion, a counter service restaurant in Discovery Land at Disneyland Park. My reason is not so much the food choice but its convenient location near Hyperspace Mountain, meeting Darth Vader and Star Tours. Inside is also a great chill out area with big screens which were playing Star Wars scenes whilst we were there.

Taking a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to Season of the Force at Disneyland Paris?

You can use the disability Priority Card to meet Darth Vader, we only had to wait for one group before us. Darth Vader is quite scary and he does take hats and things and throw them on the floor so be wary of this before visiting.

The Disability Priority Card will get you on to Hyperspace Mountain at the exit. The ride is super fast, does go upside down, is very noisy and dark.

You can also use the disability Priority Card to ride Star Tours. On this ride you are sat in a simulator with other people. It is a 3D ride.

I would possibly make for the exit in the shop at the end of Star Tours! The mix of artificial lighting, crowds of people and noise coupled with lots of breakables to touch has the potential to end in disaster!

You can watch the Illuminations in a special area near the castle with a disability Priority Card. It is worth noting that only one carer can watch with the disabled guest for this show. Also it is quite loud so if your child is sensitive to noise then ear defenders may be an idea. We watched from near the entrance to the park and could see fine. This is a good idea for making a quick exit at the end instead of joining all the other guests trying to leave from near the castle.

Similarly for the Star Wars, a galaxy far, far away show ear defenders may be needed and watching from further  away and nearer the hanger will mean you can leave quicker and hopefully avoid the crowds.

The Stormtroopers may be easier to meet at the patrol rather than the First Order March which can be more crowded and noisy.

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away is outside in a courtyard. It is on a stage so can be seen from a little further away if the people or noise are a potential problem.

Hyperion has a large area which is sometimes used for stage shows but in between and on days when shows arent running this can be a good place to escape to out of the crowds.

Season of the Force is running from 13th January 2018 to 25th March 2018 and has all kinds of Star Wars themed fun running in both parks during this time. 

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  1. Wow. That is awesome! It is a dream come true for any Disney or Star Wars fan to see all those displays and activities! I wish we could go there and witness it too.

  2. Oh wow! My kids would go crazy if we were there. They are true blue Star Wars fans and Disney really did a good job with this!

  3. My niece would love everything Star Wars. Although I’m not a fan, I find joy in seeing my loved ones smile when they see their favorites. 🙂

  4. Would it be weird to say I haven’t watched an episode of Star Wars in my entire life? Neither have I visited Disney! This is something to put on my bucket list though because they look very cool. Maybe when I have kids they’ll be fond of Star Wars and would love these.

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