Our visit to The Disneyland Hotel, Paris

We wearily arrived at the Disneyland Hotel at 1:30am, having driven for hours. As we pulled up outside and saw where we were staying, our tiredness quickly turned to excitement. We unloaded the car and walked through the doors. 

We were completely taken aback as we entered the huge lobby! The large, spotless reception area, with its giant chandelier, sweeping staircase, subtle disney themes and sofas, larger than my living room, was like stepping straight into a fairy tale castle!


This  was perhap the most exciting hotel we have ever stayed in and one my kids (and I) have dreamed of since the first time we saw it seven years ago!

The receptionist was lovely despite it being so late and took her time to explain everything to us before giving us our keys and various passes and telling us where to find our room.

The room we were staying in was a standard family room but there was nothing standard about it! Sleep was not on anyone’s minds as we excitedly explored our home for the weekend! As we checked in, we had asked for an extra bed in our room and this had magically appeared by the time we got there. Disney chocolates were waiting for us on our pillows, robes and slippers in the wardrobe.

The room was huge, with soft carpet, high ceilings and glass door to our patio outside.

 There were two double beds, a sofa bed and the extra bed we asked for, a table and chairs and a desk, yet still ample space to move around. A large cabinet housed the mini bar, TV and hot drink making facilities. Plenty of storage was available for our clothes.

The bathroom, with its two sinks, bath and overhead shower was bright and spacious. Disney themed toiletries were provided including, to my daughters delight, luxury bath salts. Towels were large and fluffy.

We loved the subtle theming of the room. On first impressions of the decor were that it was like you would imagine a palace bedroom to be. On closer inspection we found Disney everywhere!  

  The bathroom tiles and border had characters from Fantasia, the TV cabinet had Peter Pan. The beds had the Disney Castle painted on the headboard and pictures on the wall included the seven dwarfs. The TV itself included Disney stories to listen to as you went to sleep! 

Eventually the children were tucked up in their comfy beds listening to the story of Peter Pan and drifting into dreams of adventures the weekend might bring.


Our stay at the Disneyland Hotel was everything we dreamed it to be and more.   

We had a half board meal plan included in our stay and although the breakfast was meant to be counter service in the parks, we were allowed a buffet breakfast in the hotel instead.

 As we walked along the long corridor to breakfast we could see the Disney Sleeping Beauty castle through the window! We passed endless disney art and a Disney shop.

 The corridor came out in a large lounge area with the restaurant off one side and a live music bar of the other.

 As we walked into the lounge, Minnie Mouse walked in the other side! We had pictures with Minnie who was as pleased to meet the children as they were to meet her.

Breakfast was a buffet in the beautiful California Grill restaurant. There was a choice of hot drinks brought to your table and juices to help yourself.


 Continental or hot food was available to choose from with a large variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, cooked breakfast items, cereals and yogurts. 

We didn’t go hungry!

We also had park tickets included to both Disney parks and the hotel is conveniently located on the entrance to Disneyland but that is another story!

We were treated like Princes and Princesses from the moment we arrived to the moment we reluctantly left and the Disneyland Hotel is my sons new favourite place!

The Disneyland Hotel with an autistic child?

The location of this hotel makes it an ideal place to stay when visiting the Disneyland Paris parks. It is on the entrance to Disneyland so you can literally just walk out the door, through the ticket gate and into the park. This also makes it easy to escape back to the hotel to eat lunch or rest if you need to.

The hotel has its own pool if your child likes swimming. This was quiet during the day.

There is a mini club with toys for younger children to play with.

Despite being a huge hotel, we did not find it too crowded as there is a lot of space and small places to escape to. The lobby is most crowded in the mornings.

For a few hours each morning there are Disney Characters waiting to meet you and hardly any queue so this is a great opportunity to meet your favourite characters without the stress!

The rooms are large and comfy places to escape to with large windows.

The hotel is peaceful and light.

Breakfast was quiet during Magic Hours, which was included with our stay but we didn’t need to use because of the Disability Access Pass.

My son loved his stay!

The Disneyland Hotel is located right at the entrance to the Disneyland Park in Paris. 

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