It’s A Small World, Disneyland Paris

Whilst this post is about It’s a small world in Disneyland Paris, it is very similar to the ride in the other Disney parks. The ride, recently made famous by the film Tomorrowland, is one of my favourite Disney Park rides and having ridden it this morning, Im still singing the theme tune in my head as I write this!

It’s a small world is housed in a large multi coloured building that makes me think of Toy Land, there is a magical river flowing round the outside and weaving around inside the building. This river becomes your path as you ride in one of the large, open top boats.

You get into the boat outside the building and then set off slowly round the river to the entrance. As you enter, you are greeted with the sound of children singing the theme tune and neon welcome signs in different languages.

The ride itself is a story book like, colourful journey through the world. As you round each corner you find your eyes feasting on impressive vibrant scenes from different countries. There are cute dolls dancing in their countries costumes and singing the theme tune in their native language.

There is so much to look at in every direction that you could ride three times in a row and see something new each time.

From London to the jungle and everywhere in between, there are dancing animals, people and colourful scenes! The ride length does not disappoint and lasts around ten minutes.

Once you get past all the colourful countries, you go through a door into a magical shining white fairground with every doll from every country singing, playing and dancing together. With the theme tune “it’s a small world after all” sounding around you, it is a great reminder of how children see their  world and each other.

This is a beautiful and relaxing ride which is suitable for all ages and we love it!

Taking a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder on It’s a small World at a DisneyLand Paris?

The music is quite loud. It may be worth listening to it in youtube before you go so you can gauge if ear defenders are needed for your child.

The ride lasts ten minutes.

You ride on a slow moving boat with no seat belts. It would be possible to get out so close supervision is necessary.

If your child likes sensory rooms, lights and colours then this ride may well delight them!

With the parks Disability Priority Card, Autistic people can go straight to the exit and hardly wait to get on the ride.

It’s a small world is located in Fantasyland at DisneyLand Paris.

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