The Family Visit

A black and white photo of a boy looking down.

Grandma and Grandad are here! I’m feeling a bit like I don’t want to see them so I’m staying in my room for now. I can hear them talking. Uncle Bob and Aunty Pam are coming in a minute with my cousin Tracy and their dog. I like the dog. I sort of like Tracy but she won’t leave me alone.

The doorbell just rang. Mummy is calling me. I don’t really feel like going downstairs. My tummy is hurting now.

I’m walking slowly downstairs, mummy came to get me so I have to but I still don’t feel right. There are a lot of faces and colours in there and it’s very loud. My ears start to hurt. My eyes start to hurt. I feel funny.

Everyone is looking at me now and they are all talking but there is too much talking and I don’t know what anyone is saying. Have they got happy faces? Are they cross? They are shouting but they have happy faces…I think.

Grandma hugged me. It hurt. I don’t like hugs from Grandma. Her smell hurts my nose. Tracy is talking but I can’t listen. There is too much noise. Too many questions. I don’t know what to say.

Mummy says it’s time for dinner so everyone sits at the table. Uncle Bob is in my chair. I always sit in that chair. Why is uncle Bob in that chair. I try to move him but Aunty Pam says Im silly. I’m not silly. That’s my chair! It’s too noisy. I don’t want to sit next to Grandma. It hurts my nose. My eyes hurt. My ears hurt. The noise won’t go away. Uncle Bob is in my chair. Grandma smells. I feel funny. My eyes start to cry and I grip my chair hard. It doesn’t help.

Everyone is looking at me. Grandad told Mummy I need discipline. Mummy is cross. Is she cross at me? I think she is cross at Grandad. I don’t like Mummy being cross, it hurts my ears. I don’t like it. There’s too much noise! Too many people. Hurts. Chair. “it smells” my mouth just shouted. My chair is on the floor now. My legs are running.

I’m in my room. I shut the door. My legs are shaking and my eyes are crying. My hand is cross and it hurts. I don’t like it. Mummy I don’t like it. Mummy?

Mummy is here now. I can hear her voice. She is holding me. Im safe now. I don’t want to go down stairs. Its too much. Me and Mummy are staying here.

A pinterest pin picture with a black and white photo of a boy looking down and an excerpt from the article.
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