DinoFalls Adventure Golf, Trafford Golf Centre, Manchester, UK

A large dinosaur next to a palm tree

DinoFalls is a new and exciting adventure golf course in Trafford. We headed over there on Friday evening to see what it was like.

A boy with a golf club posing next to a dinosaur

When we arrived we went into Trafford golf center to get our tickets, clubs, balls and score sheets and then walked through the driving range and out into a land of dinosaurs! 

Three dinosaurs on a rock

The adventure golf course is dinosaur themed, with giant and not so giant dinosaurs watching you play! There is a bubbling river, waterfalls and caves to negotiate your ball through and along. 

A cave with a dinosaur above it. A boy is playing golf in the cave.

The first few holes were fairly standard mini gold but the course got more interesting and a little more challenging as we went around. 

A girl playing golf.

Our favourite hole by far was the one where we had to hit the ball into the river and watch it swim before being spat out near the hole (or in it if you are lucky!) 

A river with a waterfall behind

A girl in a cave playing golf

We also liked adventuring through the cave and looking out from under the waterfall!

Looking out of the cave through a waterfall

We went on a Friday evening at about 8.30pm. It was fairly busy but not so busy that we needed to do much waiting, although we did skip one hole as we were faster than the group in front of us. There was a mix of families, couples and groups of adults playing.

An adventure golf course with dinosaurs

The course is great for an adventure golf course in the UK. The theming is good, although some of the holes could have been themed more. There are also interesting dinosaur facts around for dino fans and picture opportunities for those that like taking selfies. We had a good time playing golf.

A waterfall, lit up pink

Taking a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to DinoFalls Adventure Golf?

If it is a busy time then there might be the need to wait between holes.

The dinosaurs are great if you are a fan. Some of them are static and some move.

The bins are quite fun! You feed the dinosaur your rubbish!

Every now and again there are loud dinosaur noises and there is piped background music which is louder in some parts of the course than others.

When it’s dark the river and water features are lit up. 

A boy posing in a dinosaur egg

DinoFalls Adventure Golf is located at Trafford Golf Centre, Old Park Lane in Traffordcity. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by someone over age 18. The adventure golf is open every day from 7am until 10.30pm with last entry being 35 minutes before closing.

A pin with pictures of DinoFalls Adventure Golf

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  1. My grown up kids would still have a blast in this place. They love golfing and the added factor of having dinosaurs will bring back so much memories of when they were little kids.

  2. looks like a fun time to entertain anyone! I’m glad you all had fun and were able to wait for turns while looking at dino’s and facts about them… what a great place!

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