Family Fund and how they can help families raising children with disabilities 

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About a year ago my son had a meltdown and in the process managed to have a fight with his laptop. The laptop came out worst….in fact it died!

Now the problem was that for my son this wasn’t just a broken laptop. It was his escape from his stress, his calm down, his social life and his dream future career all dying at the same time. Unfortunately there was no way I could afford another one so weeks of meltdowns and hating himself for breaking his laptop began. There was no longer a way for him to destress or calm down and life became a lot harder than normal for all of us!

That is when I started looking into ways of replacing the laptop and came across Family Fund.

Family Fund are the largest charity in the UK and they help families across the UK with disabled or seriously ill children by providing grants for equipment and breaks.

So long as you have evidence of being entitled to certain benefits you can apply. So I did. The application process involved filling in a form online and providing evidence. I asked specifically for a new laptop and then waited for a decision.

Their grants are designed to ease the pressure on families raising disabled or seriously ill children and improve their quality of life. It certainly did that for us! Family Fund agreed to give my son a laptop from Stone computers. I had a choice of a few different ones so I could pick the one that would best suit my son.

When it was delivered, he was so excited!  I hadn’t told him about it incase we didn’t qualify for the grant so it was a surprise. Along with the laptop, they sent a good quality laptop bag which is great for when taking it out of the house. The laptop also came with a three-year warranty and insurance.

Stone provide us with a helpline for software support that I can use for as long as I have the computer.

The laptop also came with Skype, a Skype voucher, a child safe web blocker and some sensory programs already installed.

I am so grateful to Family Fund for replacing my sons laptop, it really has helped us a lot.

For anyone interested in applying for a grant for their child, Family Fund can provide grants for a variety of things such as sensory toys, family breaks, bedding, washing machines,  furniture, outdoor play equipment, clothing, tablets and computers. You can apply for a grant online or ask for a paper form to be sent to you. You may end up with someone coming to visit you in your home to help determine if you will be awarded the grant and what they can help you with. The Family Fund website has a lot more information so you can determine if you may be eligible.

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8 thoughts on “Family Fund and how they can help families raising children with disabilities 

  1. What a brilliant charity family fund is. We have similar programs in Australia, like Variety. Which are essential for families.

  2. Thank you for sharing the great things! I love the same charity ideas as you. I and my family always participate in programs for people with disabilities to support them.

  3. What a great program. I can only imagine how this reduces a small amount of stress from the parents. I wonder if we have that type of program here. I would hope everywhere has some kind of program like this just for the benefits of everyone involved.

  4. I’m so happy to know about family funds, its such a great initiative to help kids with disabilities. I’m sure your son would have been very happy to get a new laptop.

  5. This is really a wonderful idea, it’s really a good thing to help someone in need. In my country we also do that too. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  6. It such a wonderful feeling about helping people and they would show you how they are so thankful and blessed for those few things you helped to them. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

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