Young Cheng Buffet, London, UK

After mooching around Picadilly Circus, we wandered into China Town to find some food. We don’t usually eat at the first place we come across but this time we were so hungry that we did exactly that.

We found ourselves inside Young Cheng which seemed quite small for a buffet restaurant. I came to realise there may have been more seats upstairs but we were promptly seated on one of the few tables downstairs. The seating arrangement was a little strange and we ended up sat on the same table as another lady but we didn’t mind and she didn’t look too bothered.

Our drink order was taken and we helped ourselves to food from the buffet. There was an assortment of meat and vegetarian dishes to choose from. The majority of the meat dishes were chicken based with a couple of prawn or fish dishes. 

The vegetarian options were limited but just enough to make a meal. I ended up with a lot of lettuce, tomato and cucumber and mostly courgettes.

What I will say though, is that the food was very nice. The chicken was apparently tender and the dishes were all full of flavour and more of the quality you would expect from a sit down restaurant than a buffet. The salad was very fresh.

I did feel a little amused by the lady who came in after us and left as quickly as she arrived when she realised she would need to sit next to us!

For a nice all you can eat buffet at £10.50 per head, you can’t really go wrong!

Taking a child with an ASD to Young Cheng Buffet?

The way the restaurant is set out means you may need to share a table with, or be seated next to someone you don’t know.

Downstairs is quite small and can feel crowded.

There is a choice of food.

There was no background music.

Young Cheng is situated in Chinatown in London, England.

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