The Wishing Well Hotel and Restaurant, Selby, UK

We arrived at the Wishing Well Hotel and were greeted by a lovely, friendly lady on reception who checked us in with a smile and directed us to our room.

Our room was on the first floor and absolutely freezing! The heater wasn’t on and it felt like it hadn’t been on for quite some time. The room was large with very dull lighting other than the bathroom. The bathroom bin had not been emptied since the last guest. Because it was so cold in the room (I was shivering in two jumpers and a coat) we left the heater on and went downstairs to the restaurant for dinner.

The restaurant was large and a lot warmer than the room. We found a table and someone came to take our order. Between us we ordered a Sirloin steak, Italian Bruschetta, Topped potato skin dippers, Homemade soup of the day and a Prawn cocktail. 

The Bruschetta was described on the menu as “The classic toasted Italian style ciabatta, drizzled in olive oil, topped with a chilled and chopped juicy red tomato, diced red onion and shredded basil leaves. Finished with balsamic glaze.” What came to our table could probably best be described as a garlic tea cake with a sprinkling of red pepper and old red onion! 

The Chefs homemade soup of the day, described on the menu as “Chef’s seasonal homemade soup, topped with a dollop of yogurt and garnished. Served with bloomer bread and butter”, came served in some kind of storage jar with a handful of watercress on top. There was no butter, the soup was bland and I doubt, homemade.

The first time the topped potato skin dippers came out they were not topped. The second time I wished I had left them untopped! They were burnt black and solid around the edges, smeared in BBQ sauce with burnt, fatty bacon on top.

The very vinegary prawn cocktail, I ate and have been praying doesn’t make me ill ever since. The bread it came with was literally rock solid.

The Sirloin steak, when we cut it open, looked like it was made a week ago and tasted rubbery. The soggy chips were just about edible.

am not normally one to complain but we couldn’t eat anything we were served and so I did have to say something. The staff were very good about it. Our server went to get the manager. After ten minutes of waiting, the manager never came but another friendly and understanding server came to ask the problem. She them went to speak to the manager and came back to tell us we wouldn’t be charged for our meal. 

I was amused to be told that the delicious looking pictures of meals all over the menu, were actually not served, and were for illustrative purposes only. I wonder if the food descriptions are the same!

Fortunately we found a nice fish and chip shop five minutes away in Selby and took the chips back to our still cold room. We didn’t bother risking breakfast at the hotel the next morning.

Would I stay at The Wishing Well Hotel again? Probably not, it’s not worth the £49 I paid to sleep in all my clothes. Would I eat there again? Not in a million years, even if you paid me! 

The Wishing Well hotel is located in Selby Business Park in Selby. Their contact number is 08712003363.

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11 thoughts on “The Wishing Well Hotel and Restaurant, Selby, UK

  1. That’s a pretty dodgy hotel if you’d ask me. I used to work in a hotel when I was a student and I can definitely say that that hotel has one crappy housekeeping department. Also, I cringed when I saw those sad chips. Hopefully on your next trip, you’ll find a better and cleaner place to stay.

  2. Oh my god I cannot believe how awful this place was, I have to agree with you, if I was paid a million pounds to eat here I wouldn’t it sounds terrible! Thank goodness that you found a place to get fish and chips from not too far out. Such a shame that the hotel and restaurant was not up to scratch but at least you were honest with your feedback!

  3. Oh wow, that hotel room made me shudder! I think you’re brave just staying for the night full stop! That food didnt look great, Im sorry it wasn’t a good trip! Laura Dove.

  4. This hotel seems to have a poor customer service. The food does not look good for eating.

  5. Oh my God. actually upon seeing the pictures of the hotel, I was like, will this be a good review? turned out no. I don’t like the hotel if it’s too cold especially in winter. And the food, that’s ridiculous, I mean to use the picture just for purpose only? C’mon!! That’s why you have the menu. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a terrible experience this hotel gave you! Even from the photos you can really tell how bad the food taste. A restaurant manager doesn’t appear to respond their client is a bad sign already!

  7. What a great hotel *note the sarcasm*
    When I opened this link I thought it would be a positive review but, once I’ve seen the pics, I knew it can’t be positive. I mean, you can guess how awful the food tastes just from the pics.

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