Breakfast at The Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

I’m currently sat inside The Head Of Steam, all cozy and warm, looking out of the window, past the Christmas tree, at the snow outside. The place has a railway theme with themed booths,  pictures, signs and luggage racks. 

We were welcomed with a smile and menus were brought to us quickly. Fortunately they still serve breakfast at 11:30am and I quickly ordered my vegetarian breakfast and a cup of tea. We also ordered a hot chocolate and a sausage sandwich with extra eggs.

The drinks came very fast and even though I don’t normally drink hot chocolate, this one is exceptionally good.

Breakfast came not long after and I have just finished eating mine. It was generally very nice and not at all greasy which is a good thing. However I did ask for my poached eggs to be well cooked and not runny and they came runny.

The sausage and egg sandwich was good.

Taking a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder for breakfast at The Head of Steam?

At 11:30am the place was empty.

There are large windows providing good natural light.

There is background music playing.

It is necessary to order at the bar.

The Head of Steam is located in Newcastle Quayside and can be contacted on 0191 261 7385.

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