Aneesa’s Buffet Restaurant, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

If you like Indian or Punjabi food you really can’t go wrong with the family owned Aneesa’s Buffet in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We didn’t have a booking had to wait for a table in the bar area where there are comfy seats. We only had about five minutes to wait before someone came to take us to our table.

We ordered drinks and then helped ourselves to the extensive range of food.

Most the dishes were keeping warm in covered containers and all the curry dishes were delicious. There was a good range of vegetarian dishes too and I especially liked the lentil soup, the daal and the spinach curry. 

I watched as the naan bread was being made from scratch and when I tried it I could tell it was fresh.

There was a salad station with a good variety of fresh salads.

If you don’t like Indian you needn’t worry as there was a pasta and stir fry station with food made while you wait and also a selection of delicious looking pizzas.

There were a lot of desserts including traditional rice and sweet carrot dishes as well as more western options such as cakes and donuts.

The kids had fun helping themselves to ice cream and sweets from the ice cream factory.

There was more variety of food than I could try before I was full but after two plate fulls and a bowl of soup, there wasn’t anything I tried that I didn’t like! 

Aneesa’s friendly staff cleared plates quickly and were there if you needed anything. We paid at the till on the way out.

Aneesa’s buffet with an Autistic child?

The restaurant is very large so has the capacity for a lot of people.

Children must be supervised getting food at the buffet.

You can choose what you want to eat so if you wanted a meal of chips and mini eggs, this would be fine.

There are a variety of drinks to purchase.

There is no background music.

The restaurant is artificially lit.

If you occupy a chair, you pay for a meal and you cannot take your own food and drink into the restaurant.

Aneesa’s Buffet Restaurant is located on Forster Street in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  Their contact number is 0191 222 1110.

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