Happy Christmas!

I am writing this from our Christmas Cabin in Wales, where we have been staying since Thursday! I will tell you more about where we are when we leave.

We opened most our presents to each other yesterday. The kids were getting too anxious to wait longer. It also helped them not feel too overwhelmed by having to do presents to each other, Father Christmas presents and Christmas dinner all on the same day.

My children got me presents this year that were surprises and they both saved up and chose to spend their own money on me, which means so much. My daughter got me a lovely gift set and a big jar of bath bombs which I love. 

My son ordered me a present online which I have been intrigued about for the last few weeks. When I opened it I cried. He ordered me a print and had it framed. (He is very good at computers!) He told me he chose the frame and hoped he got it right to go with the colour of the picture and that he had chosen what to put in the writing. He is so lovely and I love my picture, it’s going straight up on the wall when we get home! 

Last night, the same as every year we put out a plate for Father Christmas with a mince pie and a carrot for the reindeer. We don’t own stockings so the kids put out my sons new slippers! I read the kids “Twas the night before Christmas” as I always have done and they went to bed. They then stayed up most the night, but I’m pleased to report Santa came, our elf went home and the children were pleased with their presents. 

I am aware, as I am writing this, of those parents that are feeling a little sad this morning. Perhaps your children don’t understand the concept of Father Christmas or are too overwhelmed to open presents. Perhaps they wont eat Christmas dinner and don’t want to join in with anything today. I hope you find a small piece of Christmas magic in something you do today.

Getting away over Christmas has been so good for us. It’s quiet, relaxing and we can spend time with each other, with no demands. We do Christmas our way. The chicken is in the oven (no one really likes turkey anyway!) and the onion rings are waiting to go in! I am writing this in the hot tub, listening to the river flowing by and relaxing because we did most the presents yesterday and a few over the last few weeks! 

Happy Christmas to all my family, friends, fellow bloggers and blog followers! I hope you and your loved ones are all having a good one, no matter how you choose or need to spend it!

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