Happy 12th Birthday!!

Someone is Twelve today and it’s not me! Somehow my baby got quite big!

My son has been through a lot in the last twelve years. He has been to hundreds of medical appointments, survived Primary School, been as low as you can get, been misunderstood and had many, many meltdowns. But he is doing so well and I’m so very proud of him! He is a lovely, very caring, amazing boy! He thinks about others and makes me feel so loved. He wins money at school every week for being good and he chose to save it all up so he could buy me a Christmas present. He wants to earn money when he is older so he can give it to the homeless! He has a heart of gold and I love him very much. He deserves the best birthday ever!

Call us crazy but we counted down the minutes and then did presents at midnight last night!

My son doesn’t normally get many cards. He has the unfortunate combination of a birthday right before Christmas and not many friends, but this year was different! I signed up to a page on facebook where you send each others children cards on their birthdays and today I am feeling completely overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers! My son had 32 cards to open last night! He loves opening cards! He chose the order by the colour of the envelope and looked carefully at, and read every single one. I started to regret the midnight presents but he loved them! Some came with stickers, some came with confetti, some were home made and some had pictures of the senders. I put his cards up for him to come downstairs to this morning and the first thing he said was “wow! Look at all my cards!” Whoever you are, thank you, you made his day!

He was a bit sad to be still at school on his birthday as most years it is the Christmas holidays by now, but then yesterday he came home very excited. There is a reward trip today for the ten best behaved pupils and because he hasn’t lost any stars this term he is off to play laser quest, go climbing and to eat at Pizza Hut!

Then, tonight we are going indoor skydiving! I will tell you how that goes tomorrow! Fortunately he has a few hours to rest in between because that is a lot to deal with in one day!

Happy Birthday to the loveliest 12 year old on the planet!

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