Propaganda, Bury, UK

A restaurant with purple tinged lights

We love America so to make up for the fact we werent there, and to celebrate my birthday, we paid a visit to Propaganda. Propaganda is an American Diner in Bury, UK. 

To enter the restaurant we had to go downstairs. We were greeted with a smile and seated at one of the many empty tables. It seems that 8pm on a Tuesday isn’t particularly busy. This suited us just fine.

The place itself was dimly lit, there was a bar, DJ box and tables and I got the impression on non restaurant nights it’s probably more of a drinking bar. For us though, with no DJ and hardly any people it was perfect. 

Looking across a restaurant to the bar

The first thing we noticed was the table tennis table and then the table football. Both of them were free to play and a great distraction for food waiting times for the kids (and me).

A boy and a girl having fun, playing table tennis

Whilst the restaurant does offer a separate children’s menu, my kids decided to go for the normal meals. Fortunately Propaganda give a discount to Gourmet Society Card holders and my trusty green card saved me a fair chunk off the bill! 

A table football table

Me and my daughter opted to try the Propa Swingers. I chose grilled halloumi and she chose cajun chicken. The Propa Swingers were hanging kebabs with added vegetables. They came with fries, dips and salad.
A hanging kebab dangling above a tin of fries

I really liked the halloumi and the Propa Swingers certainly had the wow factor for my daughter! I also chose some Avo Smash. This was basically the raw ingredients for guacamole in a bowl, with a pestle to smash it up yourself. The Avo Smash was served with nachos, the ingredients were fresh and I really enjoyed it. 

A girl with a hanging kebab of chicken, vegetables and lime. On the plate is a pile of fries and some salad

My son opted for a Propa burger. He added cheese and bacon, making his favourite type of burger! The burger was again served with fries, my son upgraded these to pizza fries. 

An apetising burger with a knife stuck in the top, next to a basket of peperoni and cheese topped fries

Although the burger didn’t live up to expectations, it passed my sons taste test and he managed to eat most of it. 

A boy taking the knife from the top of a burger

For drinks it had to be Oreo milkshakes! And they were impressive and delicious.
A tall glass of oreo milkshake with cream on top and an oreo biscuit

For a meal with a difference, Propaganda was a fun place to visit. I found it a little pricey but definitely worth the price with the Gourmet Society discount. 

A boy and a girl playing table tennis

Taking a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to Propaganda?

The lights were dimmed with coloured strip lights.

The music wasnt loud although the presence of a DJ box did suggest it could have been and it may be worth checking when quieter times are before visiting.

The addition of a table tennis table and table football meant that it seemed more acceptable for children to leave the table. And if they enjoy games like these they are a welcome distraction.

There was a plate of very tempting donuts within reach.

Access is down a flight of stairs.

The children’s menu, as far as I know, includes mini versions of the adult meals.

Tuesday evening was a great time for us to visit as other than one other table and a man at the bar, we were the only customers.

A boy at a table tennis table, holding a bat and smiling

Propaganda is located at The Rock in Bury. They can be contacted on 0161 764 7092. It is useful to note that they are closed on Mondays.

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