Breakfast at Bill’s, Manchester, UK

A picture of the outside of a restaurant called Bill's.

Today, with it being December we headed to Manchester to have a wander round the many Christmas markets. Now I was going to write about the markets which were great, if a little crowded, but I was so impressed by my breakfast that instead I’m going to tell you about Bill’s on John Dalton Street. Bill’s is conveniently located between two of the Christmas markets and therefore a good choice of stop off for a late breakfast.

A picture of a stall from the Christmas market incase you are disapointed!

We arrived at Bill’s at 11:45 and after a two minute wait while the table was prepared we were shown to our booth. Fortunately breakfast is served until 1pm.

Bill’s is decorated in a rustic homely style with a mix of chandeliers, quirky lights and comfy looking chairs. There is also an outside seating area, although today was a little too cold for that. I imagine this would be nicer in the Summer months.


Our order was taken quickly and I was very impressed with how accommodating they were. The breakfast request of swapping bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms for potatoes and beans was met with a smiled “of course”. They also took my pine nut allergy very seriously. The breakfast I wanted had seeds on top and when I enquired it turned out to contain pine nuts. I simply asked if I could have the breakfast without the seeds, this was fine and a senior member of staff was sent to assure me they would inform the chefs of my allergy and make sure there were no pine nuts on my breakfast.

We ordered the above edited breakfast and avocado on toast with poached egg.

The breakfast menu at Bill's, Manchester

The breakfast came exactly as ordered and was one of the best breakfasts I’ve tried. The hash brown was especially delicious and not in the slightest bit greasy. The beans were in a separate pot on the plate and the toast was of quality bread.

A cooked breakfast consisting of two slices of toast topped with a double egg, a small sausage

The avocado on toast was amazing. The ingredients tasted fresh and came exactly as requested. I don’t like my poached eggs runny, they made them exactly as I asked. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the toast delicious.


To drink I ordered a pot of tea and was completely taken aback at the amount of tea I got! Usually I am presented with a cup sized tea pot and have to order more tea. Today I was given the largest tea pot I have ever seen and had more than I could drink – perfect! We also ordered a hot chocolate which came with a flake on the side.

A large tea pot next to a

We had a great breakfast at Bill’s, which was contributed to by the promptness and friendliness of the staff and the reasonable prices, especially considering the quality of the food and quantity of the tea!

I was impressed to see an array of gifts, foods and organic jams available to buy too.

Shelves filled with foods fi

We will definitely be back to Bill’s next time we are in Manchester, hopefully to taste their cream tea or even dinner. I have high expectations due to the deliciousness of my breakfast. I will keep you posted!

A light on a wooden wall

Bill’s with an Autistic child? 

There was no loud background music.

The staff were very friendly and accomodating of dietry requirements and menu choice swaps and changes.

Breakfast at 11:45 on a Sunday was fairly busy but we were seated at a quiet booth and served quickly.

There were a lot of different lights, including sparkly chandeliers.


Bill’s is a chain of restaurants. The one we visited is located at 8-12 John Dalton St, Manchester M2 6JP, England.


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