I forgot to go to my son’s school and I feel terrible!

I did a terrible thing today and I feel so bad!

My son had a coffee morning at school this morning which I was invited to. I filled in the form and told the school I was going to be there. I even wrote it on the calendar.

I was actually pretty pleased to be going because there isn’t much opportunity to go into school and I knew my son would want me there.

So this morning came. Everything was hectic and my son came downstairs to tell me his iphone screen had smashed and he was terribly upset because he had to go in the taxi to school with nothing to do.

I didn’t look at the calendar today. The coffee morning slipped my mind. Instead I thought I would be nice and take my sons phone to be fixed as a surprise for when he came home from school.

I left my poor baby stood in the hall waiting for me to turn up, watching all the other parents come and go and I never showed! Mega parenting fail!!

When he came home he was so upset! Even then I didn’t twig what was wrong. Then he said “you didn’t come to my coffee morning” and I nearly cried myself as I remembered it was today!

Fortunately I softened the blow by fixing the phone but I still feel like the worst Mum in the world for forgetting!

I don’t know how I’m going to remember but next time I will be there no matter what!

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8 thoughts on “I forgot to go to my son’s school and I feel terrible!

  1. You’re human 🙂 We’ve all done something similar and felt really dreadful for forgetting and feeling that we’ve let our child down. You’re not alone. It shows how much you love your child by the way you are feeling now. Don’t be too hard on yourself xxxx

  2. An important lesson for us all – people we love can make honest mistakes. It doesn’t mean they don’t love us or don’t care. We’re all human and stuff like that just happens sometimes – what’s more important is that we all forgive each other (and ourselves!) and move on xx

  3. I have forgotten things like this myself and I felt absolutely terrible but I was reminded – often- that I’m only human and these things happen. I’ve also been told that if I didn’t often question myself about my parenting or the things I forgot to do then I’m doing a good job because I care so much that I feel bad. If that makes sense. And you made up for it by fixing his phone so count rejoice in your wins:) #MondayStumble

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