The funny things kids say!

Strange questions.

When my son was small he used to ask me all manner of questions. I think he was trying to make sense of the world and the way he looked at it all intrigued me. I miss the day the questions didn’t make huge amounts of sense to me but amused me greatly. They also all demanded an answer. “I don’t know” just wasn’t good enough. I wrote some down at the time. For amusement, I thought I would share a few of the thinkings of my son when he was younger!

Question one:

If that car was full of leaves and it had square wheels then could you drive it?

Question two:

What if it was full of leaves but all the wheels were round except the steering wheel was a brick?

Question three:

Would a house set on fire if it was made of concrete but all the stuff inside was made of wood?

Question four:

If our house was upside down in space then would you be able to get in the door?

Question five:

One day, when I’m a rainbow, will I be able to go to school?

Question six:

Him – How did all the people get underground?
Me-what do you mean, there aren’t people underground.
Him- But they are holding up the pavement
Me-there aren’t people holding up the pavement
Him- Well what are all the lumps then?

Question seven:

Him- Mummy am I gonna die?
Me-no you’ve just got a bug, it will go soon
Him- will it bite me?

Question Eight:

Me-Im just making your tea
Him- can i check on my hamster? Me-???? You don’t have a hamster?

Question Nine:

Me- which toy do you want to take for toy day?
Him- er mum?
Him- can i take the christmas tree? Me-??!!!!

The last two aren’t questions but they also amused me so Ive included them anyway:


Him- mummy, i wouldn’t like living with a counter”
Me- what’s a counter?
Him- it’s someone who counts all day and all night without stopping.


Me- there are two important adults you need to listen to and do as they say, can you think who they are?
Him- My dance teacher?
Me- well i guess so but i wasn’t thinking of her i was thinking of Mummy and……. It begins with “D”?
Him- Daniel?
(We don’t know anyone called Daniel!)

Has your child said anything funny recently? Let us know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “The funny things kids say!

  1. Both of my kids used to say such crazy things but my youngest used to ask so many questions that went way beyond why is the sky blue. The greatest thing about his curiosity is if I don’t know the answer he will google it or look it up on YouTube then tell me every thing I don’t know. Like when he told me all about Jupiter a few years ago then every single day reminded me that Jupiter has 66 moons, lol! Yeah, that is permanently ingrained in my brain now:)

  2. That was awesome!! You child is brilliant. These are questions that could be used to meditate, to open your mind… especially the first ones about the car full of leaves and the house upside down in space. I’ll try to think of that next time I do yoga. 😀
    I just wrote a post about some of my autistic son’s clever interrogations : ”These days, he’s trying to figure out two interrelated concepts simultaneously : time and size. People are growing up, it literally means growing in size, but growing up also means advancing in age. He’s been asking every adult he knows (including at school – I smile when I think about it) how old they are. Then he tells me : my teacher is the same age as you! But wait, she’s taller. That doesn’t work. And grandma, isn’t she way older than you? But she’s smaller. That doesn’t work. But sweety, people are different, and they don’t all grow the same. Why? And what does 35, 24, 47, or 75 years old mean? It’s the number of birthdays. Every birthday means you’re a year older. A year? You know, 12 months is a year. 12 months? Yes, 75 years means you’ve had 75 birthdays. But why isn’t grandma a giant?” (
    My neurotypical daughter has a couple of nice ones too… Kids are precious, and disarmingly smart. Cheers!

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