What is special about my house?

knives – we don’t have sharp ones. Once I found my four year old at 3am in the kitchen sat at the table with all the sharp knives. I panicked, he said he was going to carve a pumpkin. Turns out he could unlock the drawer. Fast forward six years and my ten year old decided he wanted to be dead every time he got upset. The first thing he went for was the knives. I locked them all away in my room except one which I hid in the kitchen, locked out of reach so I could use it for cooking. 

Fast forward another year and I walked into the kitchen to see my eleven year old stood with the one sharp knife to my daughter’s head. Needless to say we now have no knives in the house. I either buy pre cut vegetables or use a blunt butter knife!

A sensory room – My hoover has no home. Neither does my ironing board. But I do have a sensory room under the stairs!

Holes – in the walls, cupboards, floor. Meltdowns are sometimes ugly and leave lasting reminders. 

Instructions in the bathroom– I have visual and written instructions for going to the toilet, washing hands, cleaning teeth, having a bath or shower and washing hair!

Unused toys – Brand new, un played with Christmas presents from 3 years ago which I’m not allowed to give away because they are liked yet they are still never picked up.

Numerous sensory items such as weighted blankets, lava lamps, ear defenders.

A chair with a hole in – A wicker chair at my kitchen table that has been destroyed beyond repair due to the wicker being picked. It literally has a whole through the seat so that if you sit on it wrong you fall through. It is however my son’s chair – the only chair he sits on at the table and therefore it is still there and I put up with sweeping up bits of straw every day!

What is special about your house?

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