My son’s top five helpful sensory items

When you have a child with Sensory Processing Disorders there are a great many items out there which could help. Obviously each child is different so to use the right things for your child you need to look at their individual sensory needs and work out what to get. My sons favourite items which help are listed here!

Weighted blanket

Without this my son wouldn’t sleep! The blanket is soft fleece on the underside so there is no annoying material. The one my son has is Minecraft themed but you can have anything made as long as the material is available. They are filled so they are heavy with the weight determined by your child’s weight. They provide comforting pressure. If your child likes tight hugs/squeezes or deep massage then a weighted blanket may be worth considering.

Vibrating snake

This vibrating snake’s conforms to any part of the body and can be very soothing.
The vibrating snake was recommended to my son by his Occupational Therapist as a tool for calming down.
They can be purchased for around £20 online.

Bubble tube

This calming tube with bubbles sends the fish up and down whilst changing colours. I found it on Ebay and it’s been one of my better purchases.

Ear Defenders

My son has made great use of these! He suffers from Hyperacusis and has very sensitive ears. He finds Ear Defenders, which lessen noises, extremely helpful in many situations.

Taggy blanket

My son used to carry items of clothes round with him when he was tiny because he found the labels comforting. I drew the line when he started taking my bra everywhere and purchased a taggy blanket. He still has it now, ten years later! It no longer goes everywhere but still provides comfort when needed.

It is so great that giving my son simple items like these can really help him live his daily life!

What do you use to help your child or yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “My son’s top five helpful sensory items

  1. Some neat ideas! I am going to check out the vibrating snake and the bubble tube. We use the other 3. I would say our top 5 would be the weighted blanket, ear defenders, sensory sock, his little trampoline and lotion – my guy loves deep pressure to help him calm.

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