Nothing is simple!

I know my blog is full of all these great trips I’ve been on with my kids and that, although I’m honest, I mostly leave out the bad because I just deal with it and carry on. It’s the good memories that last after all. So I thought today I’d tell you about my small trip to Morrisons to get food for tea and to the cafe to get some lunch, sounds simple enough?

So first the background- child one was cross that the radio in the car was on the wrong channel so instead of asking nicely for it to be changed they decided to take child two’s coat and throw it into the boot. Child two had nothing to do with the radio but does not like having their things taken and so the argument started that left child two on edge right before we parked up. I think this was child one’s mission.

The journey from the car to the shop, a mere thirty second walk, consisted of me trying to explain the need to not shout about how much we hate our siblings whilst in a supermarket cafe. 

We got to the cafe. The food was in front of us to choose from. I chose a sandwich and a cup of coffee which I put in a take away cup just incase we had to quickly leave. 

Child one chose a sandwich, a cold salad meal, crisps and chips (or chips and fries if you are in the US). I told child one to put something back.

Child two wanted tuna and cucumber sandwiches because child two always has tuna and cucumber sandwiches but there were only tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches. Child two doesn’t like sweetcorn in their tuna sandwiches and it was almost a disaster until I spotted the salmon and cucumber sandwich. Child two has replaced tuna and cucumber with salmon and cucumber before so accepted the other sandwich.

Child two saw the amount of food child one had and decided to get more so took a cup of fruit to go with their sandwich.
Child one went mad because child two had fruit and got a milkshake.

Child two heard the lady say chips and realised child one was getting chips and before child two could get too cross the lady quickly added more chips to the order.

Child two saw child ones milkshake and realised it was bigger than their apple juice bottle so threw the apple juice bottle across the cafe, narrowly missing a little old lady. Child two then went to get an apple juice from the machine instead, but the stupid machine ran out of apple juice so child two ran out of the cafe with me in hot pursuit. 

I caught child two, calmed them down, explained that the juice bottle was fine and we could always buy some water after if they were still thirsty and went to pay. There was quite a queue of little old ladies behind us by this point!

The lovely till lady carried my food to the table while I wrestled child two to the table and we sat down. Child one saw the fruit and got cross. 

Child two realised there was no mayonnaise in the salmon and cucumber sandwich and it was the end of the world! I ran as fast as I could past the little old ladies to find a sandwich with mayonnaise before the cafe felt the wrath of child two.

We started to eat but then disaster struck! The chair that child two was sat on was “too slippy” and all of a sudden child two (to prove its annoying slippyness) launched themselves backwards pushing the table behind very fast towards a fortunately uninjured and very understanding little old lady!

I managed to calm child two and gave all my food to child one to stop them shouting about fruit and then we left. We took child twos food with us, as with all the stressing about mayonnaise and throwing chairs, they hadn’t had time to eat! Thank goodness I had put my coffee in a take away cup.

The journey home was relatively calm apart from child two’s food falling out the box all over the car, but we survived our trip to morrisons, did not injure any little old ladies and managed to eat. We didn’t manage to buy anything for tea so had to have chinese takeaway which has to be a bonus!

Big thanks to the Morrisons cafe staff and numerous little old ladies for merely carrying on with a smile as if nothing was going on, helping me and letting me swap various food items instead of being disapproving. That means a lot!

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