Bowness Bay Marina Boat Hire, Lake Windermere

Today we decided it would be quite fun to drive a boat so we headed off to Lake Windermere to see what we could find!

We stumbled across Bowness Bay Marina Boat Hire who were very happy to let us loose in one of their standard boats for £30.

Bowness Bay Marina Boat Hire have been hiring boats out on Windermere since 1952 and the experience couldn’t have been easier.

We were all given life jackets and listened to the man telling us where we could and couldn’t drive and then we were off!

It was great fun driving the boat and  the kids were really excited to find out they were allowed to take turns driving!

The boat had plenty of seating, the front was covered and the back open, although there was a cover incase it was too cold or raining.

The boat was easy to drive with a lever to go forwards and backwards and a steering wheel. 

Even though we only had an hour it was plenty long enough to get a good way up the lake and take in the amazing views!

We decided next time we visit we would love to take a picnic and go for longer!

Taking a child with an ASD on a boat on Lake Windermere?

Life jackets are provided as is a life ring incase. The life jacket needs to be worn.

The boat does not have seat belts.

My son was over excited and ended up clambering all over the boat so needed to be watched constantly.

Driving the boat is easy and fun. You can’t really go wrong as long as you don’t go in certain areas so any child can take turns at steering.

If you wanted to make it a little safer you could put the roof up.

An hour was enough for my son this time as he was getting over excited at the experience.

Bowness Bay Marina Boat Hire is located opposite the Glebe in Bowness bay. There are pay and display car parks nearby. To reserve a boat in advance you can ring 015394 45535. You only pay for adults and can hire different types of boats. The boat we hired was a standard boat.

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