Staircase House, Stockport, UK

Staircase House is an interactive museum in Stockport,UK. It is a restored 15th century townhouse famous for its staircase although we went for the rest of the house and used the lift! 

The house has recreated rooms from 15th -20th century and was brilliant fun to explore!

We were given audio guides to take with us which the kids liked playing with and occasionally listening to the information.

We were also given an activity bag, with various toys and activities to do as we explored. 

The first room, the kids weren’t really interested in as it was mostly about the history of the house, so we quickly moved to the next room.

Here we found ourselves in the basement of a house where the animals sleep, the kids enjoyed pretending to sweep the floors.

We then walked through into the cellar which was filled with (pretend) food. You could touch everything!

After exploring the cellar, we went up to the next floor and came to our favourite room, the kitchen! The kids loved the kitchen! There was a large table laden with realistic looking food, a spice cabinet with real spices and herbs, a big fireplace and many, many kitchen items. The best bit was you could touch! The kids spent ages exploring and playing in this room.

There were various bedrooms from different times to explore. You could try on the clothes, get into the beds and play with toys.

We had fun in one room writing with feather quills and ink and trying to copy the calligraphy.

There was a room with a table set out for a feast! This was the only room which was mostly roped off, you could however sit on one chair at the end of the table. 

The last bedroom upstairs was a wartime room and the kids loved playing and dressing up in the outfits. I liked this room too as it reminded me of my Nan with some of the same trinkets she used to have in her bedroom when I went to stay as a child!

We had a great time at Staircase House and I would definitely recommend it with any children. It is accessible to pushchairs and wheelchairs too,  with a lift between floors.

Taking a child with an ASD to staircase house in Stockport?

There is no background music.

During the week in school holidays it is usually not busy. When we went we were the only visitors.

You can explore at your own pace and you are allowed to touch!

Close supervision is needed as there are a lot of rooms over three floors.

There are accessible toilets.

A carer gets in free with a disabled guest. 

Bowls of water are available for assistance dogs.

The museum holds autism friendly days, which are closed to the public and quieter.

Staircase House can be found at 30/31 Market Place, Stockport, SK1 1ES. Their contact phone number is 0161 4744444.

The price is £5 per adult, £3:75 for concessions. Children are free. The museum is open Tuesday to Friday 1-5, Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11-5.

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9 thoughts on “Staircase House, Stockport, UK

  1. What an amazing place to visit I love the fact that its one of those places where you are allowed to touch and interact.How lovely that the kids were allowed to try costumes and role play. Its definitely much more fun than watching exhibits locked behind glass cabinets.

  2. This museum looks amazing and glad that you can touch everything! The museums which I’ve visited in the United States yet won’t allow touching anything!

  3. This would be great place for kids to explore, learn and have fun. The picture you took for the food at the kitchen looks so real – surely kids will love to interactively use and play with it.

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