Coast to Coast, Manchester Trafford Centre, UK

Coast to Coast is a restaurant listed on my Gourmet Society card where I can get 50% off food. We went to try it out last night. 

The restaurant serves an American style menu and it sounded really nice.

It was about ten minutes before someone came to take our drink order so we ordered our food at the same time as two milkshakes and a homemade lemonade.

We watched our drinks being made and placed on the bar, where they stayed for ten minutes before being served to us. I love homemade lemonade and I can even eat raw lemon with no problem but this lemonade was undrinkable! It tasted like a mixture of washing up liquid and lemon juice.

The milkshakes had whipped cream on top but were not very thick as you would expect, although I did wonder if it was because they were made so long before we got them.

When the food came it looked great. We had a mixed BBQ platter to share between us. This came with potato skins which were nice, chicken strips, chicken wings, ribs and nachos. The portion size was generous and it was enough for three, maybe even four to have as a starter. 

For my main I chose the West Coast Tuna. This sounded better on the menu than in reality! I really liked the tuna steak although wasn’t so keen on the mixed salad leaves (mostly rocket) and cold noodles.

My daughter chose the chicken melt. This was chicken breast, bacon and cheese, served with fries and onion rings. This again was a very generous portion size. The chicken was nice, the chips tasted a bit over cooked.

My son had a chicken burger, again with fries and this time, slaw. The chicken in the burger was really nice and tasted like fresh chicken breast which had been breaded. The fries weren’t so nice.

We had eaten a lot with the starter and mains so decided to skip dessert and asked for the bill. Nobody had come to ask how our meal was since we got it.

The restaurant deducted the price of the undrinkable lemonade and took the gourmet society fifty percent off, bringing the total to just over £40. I was really pleased we had the Gourmet Society card as I would of been upset paying twice that for the meal we had! 

In conclusion, the restaurant looked lovely and had a nice atmosphere to eat in. The waiting staff were very friendly. The food was average and unfortunately it took a long time to order and to receive our drinks and  food. I think this may have been due to the number of staff in the busy restaurant. We could see into the kitchen and there were only two members of staff making all the food. I would probably avoid the homemade lemonade! We had a good time because we were spending time together and thats the most important thing.

Would I go again? Possibly with the gourmet society card discount just to give them another chance. without the gourmet society card, Definitely not. The kids best part of the meal? The jelly beans they brought with the cheque! 

Taking a child with an ASD to Coast to Coast?

The restaurant seemed spacious and uncrowded inside due to the layout of the tables.

The restaurant was not too noisy.

The wait time for ordering and for drinks and food was longer than average.

Lighting was low.

Staff were friendly.

It is necessary to walk through a food court to get to this particular Coast to Coast  and Trafford Center car parks are large. It is hard to find parking near the door.

The Coast to Coast we visited is upstairs in The Trafford Centre food court in Manchester, UK. Their website is: If you don’t have a Gourmet Society subscription then dont worry as you can get 50% off food with an app download – see the website for details. 

The Gourmet Society can be found at:

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10 thoughts on “Coast to Coast, Manchester Trafford Centre, UK

  1. Well least of all you had fun with those even food was looking ok. I mean it is all about their happiness right? Regardless of their little disadvantages happened around you and them.

  2. Its disappointing that you felt that way, specially for a family out. Though the place looks cozy and spacious which I truly like – But of course what matters more is the service and taste of food, which should satisfy every customer.

  3. it’s such a shame and this is the type of place that we love visiting! It’s one thing for the chef or food to be off on one night but with the drinks left at the bar and the lack of wait staff interaction it sounds like they have bigger problems!

  4. That’s really true, spending quality time with family is important and that too with pounds 40, I believe you had decent food. Some here and there but it went well.

  5. I’m impressed that you gave an honest and true account of your dining experience in Coast to Coast. I would not be happy either if I had to pay double what you paid without that discount card. I’m glad you enjoyed the company of your family regardless.

  6. I hate when you have a bad experience at a restaurant, even if you have a discount. But at least you got to try something new and had a great family get-together.

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