Pizza making fun!

I really love the concept of Sweetpea Pantry. It was set up by two busy parents who loved baking but couldn’t find any baking mixes that they felt happy feeding their children. They decided to start their own business, giving other time pressed parents great tasting, easy to use mixes which are healthy and nutritious.

All Sweetpea Pantry mixes contain ready to make dry ingredients with easy to follow instructions. We decided to give their playful pizza dough mix a try!
Me and the kids couldnt wait to have a pizza making evening!  We gathered all the ingredients we could think of to go on our pizzas and got out our Sweetpea Pantry playful pizza dough mix. The instructions were very easy to follow!

First we poured the mix into a bowl and then made a well in the middle.

We mixed two tablespoons of olive oil with 150ml lukewarm water and poured them into the bowl.

Next we mixed it all up, kneaded it for five minutes and left it in a warm place to rise for an hour.
While we waited for the dough to rise we prepared the rest of our ingredients.

The Sweetpea Pantry playful pizza dough mix makes two large pizza bases but we decided to split it into three and make a pizza each.

We shaped our dough and had lots of fun putting our toppings on before popping the pizzas in the oven to cook.

We had fifteen minutes to tidy up and then the pizzas were ready to eat! They were delicious! 

The best thing about making this fun mix from Sweetpea Pantry was that I know I’ve fed my kids with whole-grain, all-natural, nutrient-high food! 

Making Sweetpea Pantry pizza dough with a child with an ASD?

With the right supervision and clear, easy to follow instructions, this is a great activity to try with your child or as a family.

Fussy eaters can choose their own toppings and may be more inclined to try food they have made themselves.

Kneading dough is a great sensory experience.

More information about Sweetpea Pantry can be found on their website: 

The Sweetpea Pantry playful pizza mix is non-GM, has no added sugar and is suitable for Vegans (depending on your choice of topping!) The pizza mix we tried is priced at £2.75 and is available on the website and at various shops. 

We were given a box of Sweetpea Pantry playful pizza mix to review but all pizza designs and opinions are our own!

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