New Socks!

We are walking into the supermarket. Mum needs bread, milk and toilet roll and I need some new socks for school. I don’t like new socks. We go through the door.

It’s loud in here. What’s that noise? I think it’s the light. And there’s music, that music is annoying. I hold mums hand tighter. The baby’s crying is hurting my ears. I don’t like those lights, they are too noisy and they hurt my eyes. We walk towards the food. That baby is hurting me; why won’t it stop? That lady has carrots. The man’s bag is moving funny. I don’t even like new socks!

There are lots of people in this aisle. I don’t know what they are doing. Ow, that bag touched me. The lady said something, I don’t know what she said. I don’t like this shop. I don’t feel right. My eyes hurt. The people are echoing round my head. I don’t like new socks so why are we here anyway. I want to go home now.

That lady is looking at me. Why is she looking at me? What does she want? My ears hurt so I put my fingers in my ears to stop the noise. I carry on walking. Oh no! I’m not holding my mums hand anymore. Mum? Where’s my mum? I can’t breathe. It’s too loud. Why is that lady looking at me? I start to cry. Mum grabs my hand, “Its ok, I haven’t gone anywhere”. Its ok, its ok, my mum is here. I hold her hand really tight this time.

That baby! My ears hurt and I can hear my heart inside me. What’s that smell? That man smells! It’s horrible! All those people are everywhere. My eyes don’t want to see any more so I shut them. Ow! I open my eyes. Why did that man hit me with his trolley? I don’t want new socks! There are a lot of apples. That man I going really fast, his trolley wheels are going round and round. The baby just threw an apple. The light is too bright. That music hurts my ears. There are faces looking at me. My legs don’t want to be in the shop. I want to go home now.

Mum says “there’s the socks” I don’t need new socks. I’ve got socks. New socks hurt me. My ears hurt. That light is too much now. There are too many people. I can’t get socks. I don’t want to be here. The man hurt me with his trolley. My hands go over my ears to stop the noise and my eyes shut tight to stop the light. I have to make the people go away. I can still hear my heart and my screams inside me. I can’t be here anymore! I need to get out. My legs start to run. I’ve got to get out!

Mum catches me. She takes me outside. She holds me tight. I don’t need new socks mummy.

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9 thoughts on “New Socks!

  1. Good insights and write up about how a person needs his parents / mommy’s support and care – not everyone cope up and go along to our environment.

  2. It’s so heartbreaking and insightful giving us the perspective of what someone goes through during stressful situations. I deal with anxiety and phobia that can at times become so overwhelming.

  3. It really feels sad that someone stills go through this process.I sometimes deal with anxiety and depression. Dunno how can I survive in thsi cruel aspect?

  4. For kids with autism, the sensory overload is overwhelming and the trigger points can be constant. You captured the interior struggle of such an episode and my heart skipped a few beats… poignant.

  5. That’s the kind of insightful stuff we need out there amongst all other things that don’t really matter! I’m a travel blogger, but this post is so touching to everyone! Kinda overwhelming to be frank!

  6. I love how you wrote this article. The words were making me feel as if I was the boy in the story. I did not like the lady staring. Why are some people so rude? Children with autism cannot hone in to one stimuli. Every thing seems to happen all at the same time with such intensity that it is overwhelming for them.

  7. What a touching writeup. I could feel the boys pain as he was going around the super market. Things we take for granted can be really hard for some people so we should be more understanding.

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