Five actual things said to me at my sons primary school (and my actual first reactions)

We took away all the measures put in place during year 4 because children change a lot over the summer and we thought he might have grown out of it”   

( I actually looked at her and said “well that idea backfired for you didn’t it?!”)

He refused to do his work because he said he couldn’t draw a chicken, so we put him in the corridor on his own. He still wouldn’t do it so he missed his playtime. Then this afternoon he broke the hand dryer off the wall because he was running around the toilets and swung off it” 

 (My daughter and her friend burst out laughing and unfortunately so did I, the teacher crossly told me it wasn’t funny and I said “what do you expect a five year old to do if they are made to miss playtime and sit in a corridor all day because you won’t help them do their work?”)

He called me a stupid bitch because I moved him to a different group just before the sports trip so we couldn’t take him

 (I thought “stupid bitch!”) 

Five teachers were trying to get him to come out the bush at lunchtime when he ran in there upset but he wouldn’t come out” 

(I thought “well dur!”)

Your child has been damaging school property! He kicked a bin and was banging his head off the wall!

 (I simply looked at her and said “to be honest I’m more concerned about my child’s head than your walls” and walked away)
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9 thoughts on “Five actual things said to me at my sons primary school (and my actual first reactions)

  1. Hmmmm………….It seems to me judging from the comments made by the teachers that you have included that they are ill equipped to deal with your sons needs. They seem to have no understanding of your sons emotional requirements. Is there an alternative and better school option for him? Best of luck with it.

  2. Every case of autism is different and every kid or adult should be treated with respect. I am getting the sense from what your child’s teachers say, that this is not the case and they are being judgmental, to say the least!

  3. Such a pity a teacher could react this way in this day and age with all the information available. They should be understanding and helpful. Hope you have better luck next time, your boy deserves a good teacher

  4. Haha oh my gosh, such appropriate responses. I can’t believe that they would put any child in a hallway on their own and make them miss playtime because they didn’t want to do an assignment! Even if he didn’t have autism that’d be ridiculous.

  5. I’m a teacher myself and my number one concern will always be my kids’ well being and whether or not they’re learning in the best learning environment possible. I think it’s super important to keep an open mind and be helpful. Based on your comment, I’m glad you were able to find a school where your son is happier, and in a positive environment!

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