TGI Fridays Endless Appetizers

To be honest I saw the TGI’s endless appetizers offer and did a little jump for joy! All you can eat TGI Fridays! Now we’re talking!

We booked a table headed off and swiftly ordered the endless appetizers all round. The rules are simple, you order an appetizer from the list and then when it is brought to you, you order your next app. As long as you eat them all up and don’t share you can keep going until you either burst or the restaurant closes!

The cost is £12.99 if you want different appetizers, which of course we did, and £9.99 if you want the same appetizer over and over again. There are enough appetizers to choose from to make a meal.

So how did it go in reality? Pretty good! I managed to eat six decent sized appetizers. My daughter got through five and so did my son. I felt like we definitely got our moneys worth and we ate a lot! The only small issues we had were that sometimes we waited a while between appetizers and occasionally my son didn’t like the food so I had to eat his in order for him to get the next one!
We also made the mistake of ordering milkshakes – if your aim is to eat as much as possible then consider a different drink!

The appetizers we tried were, the chic cones, bruschetta, boneless hot wings with blue cheese dip, garlic ciabatta with cheese, potato skins with bacon, potato skins with pulled pork, crispy fries, house salad, bacon and cheese taquito bites and a pulled pork sundae! Now I’ve written it down I think we definitely over indulged!!

The bruschetta:

This was a generous portion with four pieces of garlic bread topped with mostly tomatoes, onion and cheese. It wasn’t too spicy.

The garlic ciabatta:

There were four very large pieces of garlic bread on the plate, it was quite filling.

The house salad:

I would probably give this one a miss next time. It was a small bowl of mixed leaves and tomatoes with no dressing.

The pulled pork sundae:

This was my favourite! I liked it so much I forgot to take a picture until I was half way down! It is big and quite filling. It came in a sundae glass with a long spoon. It is a mix of mashed potato, pulled pork, dip, red onion and cheese all topped off with crispy onions -yum!

The bacon potato skins:

We had three portions of these! You get four skins nicely topped with cheese and bacon bits and some sour cream to dip them in.

The pulled pork potato skins:

According to my son they smelt funny and tasted funny! These are the same as the bacon ones but are topped with dollops of pulled pork.

The crispy fries:

This was a plate of fries. You can’t really go wrong with this one.

The taquito bites:

I didn’t try these but the verdict was they were very spicy. This again was a generous portion. They are essentially small filled tortilla wraps.

The boneless hot wings:

Fortunately I ordered this last as I wasn’t very keen on this app. You do get a large portion though. The wings are more like small, fried, breaded pieces and they weren’t particularly hot.

The chic cones:

This was the most interesting app! Both me and my daughter ordered these at the same time. I think it’s a matter of taste, I liked them and she wasn’t so keen. You get three full sized waffle ice cream cones which are sweet. The cones are filled with a blow your head off in some and milder in others, mix of avocado, onion, tomato and chilli peppers. The cones are then topped with pieces of chicken and coriander. The chicken was actually really nice and I personally liked the rest although I did eat the mix first with a spoon and then eat the cone last because I couldn’t quite bring myself to eat the sweet and savoury together.

Our verdict:

If you don’t mind pigging out then you will get your money’s worth and the novelty of endless TGI appetizers is very fun! Most the appetizers got a thumbs up and a couple weren’t so good but that’s a matter of taste. I would choose in order of what you think you will like so you don’t end up getting stuck on an appetizer you aren’t so keen on.

TGI Fridays endless appetizers offer is also available in the United States at the moment and we recently tried it. If works in a similar way but there are different appetizers available. You also order three or four at a time which means you are not waiting as long for your food, although this may mean more wasted food at the end.

Taking a child with an ASD to TGI Fridays for endless appetizers?

TGI Fridays can get quite busy and noisy. There is background music.

This is a child friendly restaurant.

Childrens menus are also available if you have a fussy eater that wouldn’t want the endless appetizers. The children’s menu is also cheaper.

Be aware that eating endless appetizers can take longer than eating a normal meal and there is a bit of waiting between food.

There is a gluten free menu available at TGI’s.

The lighting is fairly dark.

If your child is sensitive to noise and wears ear defenders then I’d probably take them. Watch out for any birthdays as all the workers will parade to the birthday table and sing loudly whilst clapping.

The TGI Fridays endless appetizers offer isn’t always available. At the time of writing this post it is on Sunday to Thursday from 7pm. There are a limited assortment of appetizers to choose from and this differs from the main TGI Friday’s menu. It is worth booking a table in advance and also checking the offer is running. The TGI Friday’s website is: 

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17 thoughts on “TGI Fridays Endless Appetizers

  1. I absolutely love TGI’s!!! I always struggle to pick a starter or appetiser though as they are ALL so delicious! I particularly like the garlic bread, bacon potatoe skins and bruschetta

  2. Love TGI’s! I wish we had TGI’s in Portugal! Everything looks so delicious! and having the gluten-free option is fantastic, as my husband is intolerant! thanks for sharing

  3. All of these dishes look fairly good but I think I would be sick trying to eat all of it – and that would defeat the whole purpose of enjoying a nice night out. I would prefer to just enjoy these dishes at different times rather than trying to consume as much as possible all at once. They seem to have a good reputation for their food though and are pretty popular.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love this, super great value. My only concern is that my daughter is 3 and I very much doubt that she would eat enough for her but, I bet she would give it a go.

  5. Endless appetizers? I’m there! Ha! Looks like a lot of great tasting food, love the variety TGIF has… I’ll have to plan to go there with my friends sometime soon… glad you had fun!

  6. Oh my goodness these all look so delicious! What a fun evening! I remember when I lived in London I used to go to TGI Fridays and it was so much fun!

  7. Those foods looks so tempting and delicious. What I really like is the house salad it looks so yummy and healthy. Wanna try this some day.

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