Living with the Land at Disney’s Epcot park, Orlando

Living with the land is a boat ride. The boats are large and you are seated in rows on bench seats.

The boat set off slowly and we soon found ourselves riding through different scenery with a running commentary about about past successes and failures of mankind  living off the land. We sailed through impressive rainforest and farmstead scenes.

Next we came out into a large greenhouse and it was amazing! Some of the plants in there none of us had seen before!

Some of the things we got to see growing were chocolate, coffee, vanilla, tomatoes and rice. We saw banana trees, pumpkins and the biggest melons I have ever seen!

The next part of the tour took us through a long tunnel where fish farming is done and you can spot all the fish as you go past.

We came out of the fish tunnel into another greenhouse, this time full of plants growing in innovative ways!

It was interesting to watch cast members tending to the plants and emphasised the fact this is a working environment. In fact all the food we saw growing is served in restaurants around the parks!

Lastly we sailed past the laboratories where we could see them experimenting with different ways of growing seeds.
Living with the Land was a very interesting and educational ride that gave us the oportunity to see things we have never seen before. It has the added bonus of being very relaxing!

Living with the Land ride with a child with an ASD?

This ride is one of the calmer Disney rides. It is a slow moving boat.

There are no seat belts so it is necessary for your child to be able to remain seated.

There are areas where it is quite dark and areas where it is quite light.
The commentary isn’t too loud.

There is a lot to look at.

The queue is normally short and fast moving and if you have the disability access pass you will probably go straight down the fastpass queue without the need to get a return time. This is useful to know as you can ride while waiting for your return time on the nearby Soarin ride.
If you need a free drink after riding then head over to Club Cool to try the different coke products!

Living with the Land is a relaxing boat tour ride found in the Land Pavilion in Disney’s Epcot park in Orlando.


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12 thoughts on “Living with the Land at Disney’s Epcot park, Orlando

  1. Wow. Look at the size of those crops! I’d love to visit this green house at Epcot The kids would learn so much about farming and how to appreciate the food we prepare for them.

  2. WOW I never realized how beautiful Epcot is! It’s my dream to visit all of the Disney Worlds around the world. I still haven’t been to this one yet but I hope I can make my way there!

  3. I didn’t have the slightest idea that this existed to be honest, but I’m glad that it does. It’s important to find fun and inventive ways to teach kids (and adults as well) about the value of the land and preserving it!

  4. A great place to relax and enjoy the green environment and at the same time having the fresh product from the park served. Hopefully one day I visit Disney and this park will be my top list.

  5. Wow! I never knew anything about Living with the Land. This looks like a very different kind of ride as compared to other Disney rides, it must be so much fun to know about so many new plants.

  6. Those fluted pumpkins are really really unusual – I’ve never seen anything like that before! Do you know if they were edible or not? Imagine carving them for halloween lol x

  7. That green house looks so interesting. and such a beautiful place to visit. I really want to try the fish tunnel it look so much fun. Will definitely add this to my bookmark as my future references to my next travel visit.

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