When it all gets too much at Universal studios, Orlando

There is actually a lot more to Universal Studios than rides and shows and sometimes if you need a break from the crowds or even if you are waiting for members of your party to go on a ride, it’s good to know a couple of things to do, here are a few of our favourites!

Watch a smaller parade!

If the main parade is too crowded don’t fear! There are many smaller parades throughout the day! A good place to watch is outside the Horror Make up show which they go past on the way back in.

Pick up the phone beside the Kwik-E-Mart!

Round the side of the Kwik-E-Mart  is a pay phone. This is not an ordinary phone and every couple of minutes it rings. If you answer the phone when it rings you become subject to a prank call from Bart Simpson! The great thing about this phone is that it is next to a bench and also a great place to wait for anyone that has gone on The Simpsons ride. While you are here, if you catch sight of any Simpsons characters coming down the path walk quickly to the fence opposite you and you will be able to get to the front of queue to have your pictures taken.

Get arrested with Bart Simpson!

Again near to the exit of the Simpsons ride, there is a fence where you can pose to look like you are being arrested near Bart. The good thing about this picture is you don’t need to face the camera to get a good photo so for children who don’t like their picture being taken tell them to look at the fence!

Find Spongebob’s house!

Inside the Spongebob shop, near the E.T. ride you can cool off in the air conditioning and go inside Spongebob’s Pineapple house! If shops aren’t a good idea then I would skip this one!

Talk to a snake!

Go inside the pet shop in Harry Potter world to talk slytherin to the snake. If you don’t want to go in then you can still see the snake from outside if you walk down the side of the shop. It’s less crowded here.

Try Butterbeer!

While you are in Harry Potter world, try some butterbeer!  What Harry Potter fan wouldn’t want to! Its also good to stop a while and have a cool drink! We get one and some extra cups to share it out and save money! It can get quite crowded here but if you walk out towards Fear Factor Live there are less people.

Get soaked in Curious George land!

This area has never been busy when we have visited in the mornings. My guess is that everyone is trying to get on the rides first. Warning – you will get wet! There are giant buckets of water waiting to soak you but if it’s a hot day what could be better!

Bonus Universal tip with a child with an ASD! 

If you want to ride E.T and you have a disability access pass then ask to use the child swap entrance rather than the fastpass entrance you are automatically directed down. You will then miss the very crowded, dark, loud holding room and get straight on the ride!

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