Star in your own colouring page at the Crayola Experience shop, Orlando

The Crayola Experience has 26 exciting attractions where you can play, learn and explore.

If, however,  you only have a short amount of time or you are short of cash then it is still worth paying a visit to the Crayola Experience shop inside The Florida Mall.

The shop itself is quite fun and full of more crayon related products than you can imagine and includes a giant crayon coloured pick and mix!

At the back of the shop is a free and fun experience. You can star in your own colouring page!

There are two large touch screen screens with cameras. We sat in front of them on the stools and followed the simple instructions to take our picture.

Once we were happy with our pictures, we printed them out from the printer next to the computers.

We then took the pictures to the nearby tables where we found crayons in all the colours we could need and started to colour our pictures.

This activity was both calm and exciting. The novelty of colouring yourself in was brilliant and we got to keep the pictures as souvenirs!

Taking a child with an ASD to the Crayola Experience shop to star in their own colouring page?

This experience is in a shop in a mall. We walked through the mall to get there. If it would stress your child out to do this then I would say that visiting just to star in a colouring page wouldn’t be worth it.

Colouring can be therapeutic or stressful, I would gauge how much your child likes colouring before deciding.

The shop itself is big, colourful and can be quite busy.

The pick and mix sweets are next to the colouring tables!

The shop does not have loud music and there are windows to outside which makes it less artificially lit.

The Crayola Experience is at The Florida Mall. The shop can be accessed from inside the mall. The Crayola Experience website is Entry to the Crayola Experience isn’t necessary to visit the shop. It is free to star in your own colouring page but there is an entry fee to the Crayola Experience.

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