Veemcdee packs

Veemcdee send out packs of brightly coloured creative materials. These can be delivered monthly and are different every time.

They also have a studio where children test their products to make sure they are sending out great packs!

The packs are great tools for creative play. A lot of the papers and prints are bespoke designed which means they are unique and really lovely!

Today we were lucky enough to receive two VeemcDee lucky dip packs in the post.

The packs we received came beautifully arranged in cellophane wrap and colour coordinated. My daughter immediately fell in love with the pink and blue pack and a little friend enjoyed exploring the green pack with my son.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of and quality of materials in the packs. The particular packs we tried are £1.50 each which is great value.

The thing I liked best is that they do not come with any pre-prescribed ideas of how to use them. There are no instructions so you can’t go wrong! This also makes them suitable for a wide range of ages and activities. The children exploring our packs are aged between 6 and 13.

The packs are designed so that you can actually just use the materials provided without the need to add to them as there is a little roll of coloured tape in each pack and various sizes of papers and materials. However I chose to also give the children glue, scissors and plain paper to see what they would come up with.

I am a firm believer in the fact that it doesn’t matter what the finished product looks like as long as you have fun making it and with these packs children are allowed to explore and have fun doing so. I thought their finished products looked great too! Look at some of the things we made!

Veemcdee packs for a child with an ASD?

Using glue and sticking provides great sensory play.

The fact there is no right way of using the materials means there is no frustration at going wrong. You don’t even need to make anything, feeling the different textures and looking at the colours is great too!

Some autistic children who struggle with imaginative projects may prefer you to show them some ideas.

My son played around with the bits for a while and then found some straws in the pack. He used them to make a super long straw to drink his drink!

Veemcdee can be found at: There are various ways of paying for subscriptions and you can also buy one off packs or lucky dip packs like the ones we tried. You can end your subscription at any time. The lucky dip packs are priced at £1.50 which is great value for what you get inside.

We were given two Veemcdee lucky dip packs to review. All opinions are our own.

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