CiCi’s Pizza

We love CiCi’s Pizza and visit every time we are in the Orlando area!
You can’t beat CiCi’s Pizza for value. With coupons widely available for buy one get one free adult buffets, you can get a meal for five including sides, drinks and desserts for less than $30!

CiCi’s Pizza is a family friendly pizza buffet restaurant. There are always a large variety of pizzas on offer and if you can’t see the one you want they will make it for you! Other than pizza you can help yourself to hot soup, pasta and sauces, a large fresh salad bar and desserts.

Even better you know you are eating well because even the pizza dough is made in each restaurant daily from scratch – no wonder the pizza tastes so good!

All the desserts are also baked fresh  every day and you can choose from chocolate brownies, cinnamon rolls and, of course, dessert pizzas!

CiCi’s Pizza also do chicken wings to order and there are a variety of drinks to serve yourself.

All the CiCi’s Pizza restaurants that we have tried have had an arcade for the kids and with the money I save on the price of the meal I usually don’t mind forking out a dollar for four tokens to have a quick go on the way out!

Taking a child with an ASD to CiCi’s Pizza?

If your child likes pizza then I’d say yes!

There are a variety of pizza flavours and pictures of these can be seen on the website. If the flavour you want isn’t out then you can ask for it so it is possible for your child to decide what they might like before you go.

It is advisable to supervise your child at the buffet.

The soup is hot.

In some of the CiCi’s Pizza restaurants you need to walk through the arcade to get out.

The arcade is a children’s arcade and isn’t too big or expensive.

Whenever we have been in one of the restaurants it hasn’t been very busy or loud. We usually go for lunch.

CiCi’s Pizza is a chain of buffet restaurants. Their website can be found here:

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