Universal’s Character Breakfast at The Hard Rock Hotel Kitchen Restaurant, Orlando

Having visited Cafe La Bamba last year for a character breakfast, we decided to try out a different one.

We parked outside the very impressive looking Hard Rock Hotel and made our way to The Kitchen Restaurant.

We were seated straight away and our drink orders were taken.

The restaurant is nice looking with the large assortment of memorabilia all over the walls that you would expect in any Hard Rock Restaurant.

The breakfast was buffet style. There were stations for hot food and continental options that you helped yourself to.

There was also an omelet station where omelettes were made to order and a grill section where you could order an assortment of dishes. I chose to try the “Elvis French Toast” which was absolutely delicious. It was french toast spread with peanut butter and topped with sliced banana and caramel sauce!

My daughter tried the “Banana Nut Pancakes” which were equally impressive.

We ate as much as we wanted and the food really was good! Drinks were constantly refilled too so we never had to ask.

At 9:15 a Minion and Gruel were brought to our table. We said hello to them and took some pictures.

Because of our experience of Cafe La Bamba we were expecting there to be more characters to meet but these were the only ones that came round. I asked if there would be more and was told that it was only the two going round every hour. We only saw them once.

Our conclusion?
The food and service is great so if you want a delicious breakfast buffet in a nice restaurant then this one is good.

I liked the fact that they staggered prices for different age groups so 11 year olds were not charged as adults.

If you want a character breakfast where you get to interact with lots of characters then consider booking the Superstar Character Breakfast at Cafe La Bamba instead! (https://kidsontour.blog/2017/05/16/universals-superstar-character-breakfast-at-cafe-la-bamba/)

Taking a child with an ASD to a character breakfast at The Kitchen Restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel?

Prepare your child that they may only see one character and these can vary.

There is a lot of choice on the buffet.

The restaurant is fairly calm even when it is busy.

There is rock music in the background.

Servers are patient and helpful.

The breakfast experience is child friendly.

The Kitchen Restaurant is inside the Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando. Character breakfasts are once a week and not guaranteed. If you park in the car park then ask to get your ticket validated in the restaurant so you don’t have to pay. It is advisable to book in advance. The website is:https://www.universalorlando.com/web/en/us/things-to-do/dining/hard-rock-hotel-character-breakfast/index.html

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  1. I didn’t really feel like reading this blog. I wanted to eat it instead. LOL! I hope that you got your belly’s full that day. That was some delicious looking food.

  2. How i wish i can stay that hotel someday, wake up in the morning with a lovely breakfast in buffet style, good food and good service is amazing!

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