Mother and daughter evening at Epcot’s World Showcase, Orlando

My daughter and I decided to spend a couple of hours one evening exploring the world!

We headed to Epcot to wandered around the World Showcase. We had a look at the countries, mooched in the shops and watched the fireworks.

We started in Mexico and had a look inside the mexican market then walked clockwise round the lake, stopping to explore each country.

It was a great time to explore in the cooler evening and we had a lovely time.

We especially liked France and looking round all the little french shops.

We also loved exploring Morocco!

When it was time for the fireworks we headed back towards Norway and watched them from there as we had a fastpass for the Frozen ride straight afterwards. 

Epcot fireworks are my favourite Disney fireworks and I think my daughter now agrees! 

Taking a child with an ASD to Epcot World Showcase in the evening?

It is surprisingly busy in the evening with a lot of people wandering round the countries and paths between.

I chose not to take my son as I felt it would be more stressful than enjoyable for him. It was also great to give my daughter a break.

Epcot World Showcase is at Disney’s Epcot park in Orlando, Florida. The firework times vary night to night.

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