The Walt Disney World Railroad, Orlando

It’s the first thing you see from outside the park and the last thing you see as you leave. It’s been there forever, goes round the whole park and yet we had never been on it!

We ended up with a bit of time spare between fast passes on our last visit and all the ride wait times were very long so we decided to have a ride of the Disney World Railroad.

The trains are authentic steam trains built between 1916 and 1928.

There are four of them so you never have to wait too long. There are stops at Frontierland and Fantasyland as well as the most obvious Main Street U.S.A stop. The whole journey round the 1.5 mile track takes 20-minutes.

We got on the train at the Fantasyland stop. There was no queue and we waited about three minutes for the train to come. We boarded and then had to wait while the train was filled with water from the old water tower! We didn’t mind the wait as this was really interesting to watch.

We set off towards Main Street U.S.A. This leg of the journey takes you past Tomorrowland and some of the rides and then out of the park and round the outside. There is a narrated commentary throughout the journey.

Our first stop was at Main Street U.S.A. It was interesting to look out one side at the monorail and ferry stops and the other side to the castle.

We set off again to Frontierland. This part of the journey is mainly through woods and jungle.

At the Frontierland station we could see the queue to Splash Mountain and also Thunder Mountain. The train did not stop as long at this station.

We set off back to Fantasy Land. This part if the journey was the best part. There is a lot to look at and you go past scenes you can only see from the train. We went alongside the Thunder Mountain ride and through Indian country.

We arrived back at Fantasy Land and left the train ready for our next fast pass! I liked the train. It is like a look into the past of Disney World and a great ride to go on to relax with the cool breeze.

The train idea originally came from Walt Disney. He loved trains and built a track in his backyard. He liked it that much that he decided to put a railroad in Disney World. It has been there since the park opened in 1955.

Taking a child with an ASD on the Walt Disney World Railroad?

If your child has a special interest in trains then this is a great activity!

If you wanted to do less of the journey I would suggest travelling from Frontierland to Fantasy Land. This is the most visually interesting leg of the journey and also involved the least waiting.

We stopped for longest at Main street U.S.A.

The train does not have doors so the entry side is open. The conductor will inform parents of small children and tell them to seat their child away from the door but if your child is older this may be worth noting too!

There is a slight smell as this is a real steam train.

The wait times for trains are short.

If you like this ride you may also like the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover: (


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