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We booked an airboat tour for 11am but unfortunately couldn’t make the time so rang up on the morning and they very helpfully fitted us in a bit later. It did mean a bit longer wait when we got there but the adventure was so worth the wait!

Captain Brent welcomed us aboard his airboat and explained the safety rules. Ear defenders were provided for everyone incase we needed them.

We drove from the pier up a river and all of a sudden came out into stunningly beautiful lake.

Captain Brent was absolutely brilliant. He was very knowledgable and interesting and took us on a tour of the swamp stopping now and again to show us animals, plants and birds. There was just the right mix of high speed ride through beautiful surroundings and extremely interesting stops.

We learnt about a root that grows under water that you can cultivate and eat and plants you can use for fishing that came from another country and kill all the other plants so are considered weeds.

We saw all sorts of birds and learnt how they see and attract their prey and we saw baby birds.

We saw a mummy alligator and her tiny babies near to the nest they had hatched from and we learnt all about them and many interesting  facts including how to work out the age and length of an alligator from its nose and the temperature of the nest determines the sex of the babies.

We saw another alligator a bit further on and also some deer!

Captain Brent stopped to show us a bird that can dive deep underwater and to pick water lilies for me and my daughter which was really nice.

We drove really fast out of the water at one point and over a bit of land to a very beautiful stop where we saw the cyprus trees and learnt where Shingle Creek got its name. It was here Captain Brent showed us a tree frog he had spotted.

We made one last stop where Captain Brent gave toy alligators to the boys and a necklace to my daughter as souvenirs before going back down the river to the pier.

We had a lot of fun on this adventure. Captain Brent is very knowledgable and interesting. He clearly loves his job and made this airboat trip stand out over any other.

Taking a child with an ASD on an airboat with Marsh Landing Adventures?

This would depend on your child.

The boat is very loud, ear defenders are provided but you can still hear the noise.

There are no seatbelts so your child would need to remain seated and follow instructions.

The tour is great fun and involves travelling at speed aswell as stops in water to look at and learn about wildlife.

My son loved it!

Marsh landing adventures is based in Kissimmee, Florida and  can be found at:

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