Taking an autistic child to Poseidon’s Fury at Universal Island of Adventures

The interactive show, Poseidon’s Fury is at Universal Islands of Adventure. It is a lot of fun. I am going to go into a bit of detail in explaining it to make it easier to decide if you want to take your child into this show and also so you can prepare them if you do decide to go in. You are unfortunately not allowed to take photographs or videos during the show.

First is the queue. Even if you have a disability pass for Islands of adventure and you get sent up the fastpass line, chances are you will still wait. You are waiting for the show before yours to end. The line is inside so fairly cool but very dark and we had to wait there for almost twenty minutes. My son was getting very anxious by the time we went in.

The first room is also very dark. There is an actor at the front, an archaeologist who is accidently about to lead you on an adventure into a temple. During this first presentation everyone is stood up. It goes pitch black at times and there are lots of very loud noises. The atmosphere being set is a little scary.

When you go into this first room there are cast members at the back of the room in the middle. This is where the door is that everyone will walk through to the next room and also the best place to stand. Although you won’t see the archaeologist so well from here, it is far less crowded. If you explain your situation to one of the cast members by the door then they will lead you through into the next room and position you at the front, out of the crowd. They also showed us the exit incase we needed to get out during the next part of the show.

The second room is a little bit lighter but still the atmosphere is scary. You are apparently trapped in the room and the archaeologist tries to work out how to leave. A Goddess appears on the wall and tells him there is no escape but she can grant safe passage further into the cave.

You are in the ancient Temple of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea. To leave this second room  you journey far beneath the ocean, and apparently it’s too late to turn back.

If you are at the front of this room you will walk through the next door first.

To get to the next room you need to walk through a tunnel with lights and a loud sound of rushing water. It is a short tunnel. You are the best walking round either side to the front again to be out of the crowd.

This third room involves the archaeologist trying to work out how to open a door at the front but this time there is a bright flash and the room goes immediately dark.

When it goes light again, the whole of the front wall is gone and you are in a very large room with a huge set at the front.

Next follows a show where there is a huge battle between Poseidon and the evil Lord Darkenon. The archaeologist sets Poseidon free and Poseidon defeats the evil Lord Darkenon. There are huge screens with Poseidon and Lord Darkenon and also projections on water. The battle involves loud noises, flashing lights, fire (you can feel the heat) and water which will splash you if you are at the front. It is quite intense and loud but in the end Poseidon wins and you are free to leave!

If your child sometimes needs ear defenders then I would take them into this show with you.

There are exits in every room so you can leave whenever you want if it all gets too much.

If your child gets very anxious in dark intense atmospheres with loud noises then I would think carefully before visiting this particular show.

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