Golden Corral Breakfast

With over 150 items on the buffet, and all of them delicious, Golden Corral really is the best breakfast in Orlando!

We paid on the way in and then were set loose on the buffet.

There is a cold buffet with yogurt, flavoured milk, cereals and various sweet options.

There is also a large hot buffet with all sorts of lovely things to eat. There are the usual sausage, egg, bacon and the unusual quesadilla, breakfast pizza. You can get all sorts of pancakes, crepes and lots of other things.

In the middle is a salad and fruit bar and also an omelette and waffle station. Omelettes and waffles are made to order in front of you with any of the available ingredients.

I had a plain cheese omelette and it was delicious! It is customary to tip the person cooking omelettes and waffles and a container is put out for this purpose.

Drinks are fruit juices that you help yourself to from the minute maid machine and hot tea and coffee which your server will bring.

I have tried many buffet breakfasts in Florida and Golden Corral is by far the best!

Taking a child with an ASD to breakfast at Golden Corral?

The restaurant is a family friendly buffet where everyone is welcome.

Children must be supervised getting food.

It is not a loud environment and the restaurant is spacious.

Golden Corral is a chain restaurant. To find locations you can check their website at:

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