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On International Drive, at the I-Drive 360 complex you will find the brilliant Sea Life Orlando, a perfect place to spend a couple of hours or wait for a storm to pass before going on the Orlando Eye (

We did exactly that and we loved it!

First we had our pictures taken against a green screen and then we walked into a round room with tanks all round the walls and fish swimming very fast round and round us! We tried to choose a fish and follow it which was fun.

We then went further into the attraction and saw all sorts of fish and sea creatures.

The Sea Life center is split into sections of sea creatures found in different seas and oceans.

We especially enjoyed walking through the shark tunnel, surrounded by fish, including under our feet.

We loved the giant turtles which made us say “wow” as we entered the room.

We also really enjoyed the jellyfish tank where you can change the background colour yourself and see the jelly fish in different lights.

There are a lot of interactive tanks where you can crawl underneath and pop up in a bubble. The kids loved doing this and being in the tank.

There are large interactive educational screens on the wall which the kids liked playing with and finding out facts at the same time.

Young visitors are given a special book of information and facts and on each page is a place to collect stamps which you can find throughout the attraction which adds to the fun.

In the last room there is a place where you can gently touch the sea creatures. My daughter was thrilled to stroke a real starfish.

As we exited we were shown our pictures and they were offered to us to purchase before we visited the gift shop with sea life related souvenirs.

We had a lot of fun at Sea Life Orlando and enjoyed seeing all the sea creatures and learning more about them. We would definitely return!

Taking a child with an ASD to Sea Life Orlando?

We visited in the middle of the day on a weekday and it was very quiet.

There was no waiting for interactive attractions.

The jellyfish tank has buttons that my son loved to push and no-one minds!

The attraction is not massive so wandering children should be easy to find.

There is a lot to look at and if, like my son, your child is calmed by animals and water this is a great place to take them.

Sea Life Orlando is located at I-Drive 360 on International Drive, Orlando. Their website is

We were guests at Sea Life, Orlando but all opinions are our own.

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