CoCo Key Water Park, Orlando

We have driven past the back of CoCo Key Water Park so many times with the kids pointing out the exciting looking slides and asking if we can go there, so today we went, and I’m very glad we did!

We arrived at 11am as the park opened and headed straight for the large slides. There were no queues at all, which is a refreshing change from other water parks in the area and we were able to go on everything as many times as we wanted. CoCo Key has 14 slides, 3 heated pools, and a 6,500 sq. ft. arcade!

Initially the kids only had eyes for the scariest looking slide in the park and headed straight for it! This red and white striped slide was my daughter’s favourite, she rode it about twenty times! This slide requires two people to ride in a tube together. It has an initial steep drop and then you are thrown upwards towards the sky, before coming back down, through a waterfall to the exit.

My sons favourite ride was the orange and blue tube slide. This is the highest slide in the park and you twist and turn your way to the bottom.

We also liked the yellow slide, which you ride down in either a single or double inflatable ring.

After a lot of turns on the slides we headed for the very exciting looking play frame. Initially I thought this was just for children but my favourite slide, the green one, was super fast and fun even for adults.

We had fun waiting for the giant bucket to tip gallons of water onto our heads.

There are also a lot of water shooters etc to play with, paths and nets to clamber over and really good slides making this a really good play frame for the whole family.

When we had finished on the play frame we went to have a swim in one of the pools. The pool was covered so in the shade but also open to the outside and rest of the park. There is another slide into the pool which we really liked and a waterfall. The pool was just the right temperature and not too deep so the kids had a lot of fun.

There is a separate pool and paddling  area under the cover for younger children with fountains and slides where families with small children can play out of the sun.

Life vests are provided for weak or non swimmers and I was very impressed by the lifeguards. A child actually got into trouble in the pool at the bottom of a slide while we were there. A lifeguard noticed immediately and blew a signal on his whistle. Within seconds he had jumped in and got the child out the pool and two other lifeguards were waiting to assist, one with a life jacket for the child to put on straight away and one to reassure and talk to the parent. They handled the situation very professionally and the child was fine, in fact he went straight back on the slide wearing his life vest!

There is a restaurant and bar right next to the water park so if you wanted to spend the day here you could.

Ample seating is provided, both in the shade and outside and all within view of the pools, slides and play equipment. The park is big enough to provide entertainment for all ages and small enough to let older children and teenagers loose on the slides by themselves.

We actually had more fun here than some of the bigger water parks, and we definitely got more rides on the slides due to the fact it was quiet enough and had enough slides that there were no queues. All in all we had a great time and will definitely be back!

Taking a child with an ASD to CoCo Key Water Park?

I actually think this water park is more suitable for children on the spectrum than the larger parks.

If you go in the morning the park is very quiet. We arrived at 11am.

There were no queues for the slides.

The park is a great size…wandering children wouldn’t get far unnoticed.

The pools are not too deep.

There is background music but it isn’t too loud.

There are life vests available.

My sons opinion is that it was really good and he would definitely want to go there again.

CoCo Key Water Park is located at CoCo Key Water Resort on International Drive. It is a water park attached to a hotel but open to the public. Their website is: Although you can buy tickets when you arrive, it is advisable to buy tickets in advance as the park can get full.

We were guests of CoCo Key Water Resort but all opinions are our own.

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23 thoughts on “CoCo Key Water Park, Orlando

  1. Looks like a really nice water park, I wold like to visit it even though I’m far away, sure t will be on my bucket list. xoxox

  2. I have never been to an aqua park before but I would love to. It’s so amazing that you arrived and there was barely anyone there and your children got the slides all to themselves. The big scary one that your daughter went on for 20 times looks so awesome!

  3. That place looks so much fun! And man those slides look intense. You will find me lounging in one of those chairs while my nephew and my niece slide to their hearts content 🙂

  4. Looks like so much fun! You just woke up an inner child in me! I’d love to join you and the kids for an adventure, this water park looks absolutely fantastic! x

  5. So awesome! It really looks like a whole lot of fun! I have always loved water parks growing up, but my family was never into them, so it is awesome to see that your kids get to experience things like that!

  6. It is great that the water parks are so full of adventure and that they provide life vest to weak or non-swimmers. I like that they are conscious about safety that is really good to hear!

  7. I love going to water parks and also too prefer the smaller parks. I realized I had more rides and fun at Splashtown then at Schillterbahn! Lovely post & super glad the kids had fun!

  8. It looks like a really nice water park.I’ve never heard about this before. however, I’ve visited a lot of water park in India and soon this park as well with my new born cousin. Best place for kids.

  9. I love going to water parks, they are so much fun! I’m so glad to hear that the lifeguards were very attentive and responded very quickly here. As a non-swimmer (I’m learning though, yay), I’m super worried what if I drown or something happens, would there be a lifeguard to watch me?

    1. The lifeguards would definitely be watching you here! The best part is that the majority of the slides do not end in pools and the swimming pools are quite shallow too, so this is quite a good park for non swimmers!

  10. I would love to go to this place once my kids are swimmers. How fun would that be for them? Thanks for sharing.
    XO Via Bella Blog

  11. I love waterparks! They’re always so much fun – maybe it’s because I’m 90% sure I’m half fish…we’ve only got a couple of waterparks here and once you’ve done them once there’s not much fun in going back again and again which is a shame.

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