Chef Nite Orlando

We had no idea what to expect as we pulled up outside Chef Nite Orlando. We went through the door to what looked like a warehouse from the outside into a full chef’s kitchen where the very friendly Rashaad was waiting for us.

Chef Rashaad used to work as an executive chef of a restaurant and also used their kitchen to run cooking classes. The restaurant got bought and Rashaad was offered the kitchen equipment which he used to set up his brilliant Kitchen and business. We were here for a family cook class.

Chef Rashaad put us at ease at once, he invited us in and showed us where to wash our hands, then it was time to cook!

First we were shown how to safely handle sharp knives and Rashaad explained in a very thorough and easy to understand way, how to safely carry knives and use them to cut onions and peppers. Who would have known I have been cutting vegetables wrong my whole life!

After we were shown how to cut onions and peppers it was our turn to have a go. We each took a chopping board and knife and set to work. Chef Rashaad was on hand to help, offer tips and give hands on help to the children.

We were then given sausages to cut and put on a tray to go in the oven while we were shown the next step.

Chef Rashaad demonstrated how to cook our dish. He showed us how to make a roux in order to make an Alfredo sauce and how to cook our vegetables and pasta. He also taught us about the importance of seasoning whilst cooking. When he had finished cooking, we got to try the delicious pasta dish. This gave us an idea of what we were meant to be cooking and also provided us with some nice food in case ours wasn’t so good!

Next we set to work cooking our own dishes. Each person had their own stove and pan and got to cook their own dinner. Again Chef Rashaad was on hand to offer help and instruction. The kids were thrilled to be able to cook their dinner, adding all their ingredients, tossing their pans like real chefs and having a lot of fun!

When we had all finished cooking we put our food onto plates and were able to try our creations! We were given containers to take home anything we couldn’t eat.

We had so much fun at Chef Nite Orlando. I would highly recommend this activity. Chef Rashaad was brilliant with the kids and explained everything really well. He gave everyone the right amount of help and attention and was a great teacher. We all learnt something new and made a delicious meal which we will be able to cook again at home. Next time we are in Orlando we will be sure to return to try a new meal!

Taking a child with an ASD to Chef Nite Orlando?

Children need to be able to be in a working kitchen safely and to be able to follow instructions.

There is obviously access to knives, fire and ovens involved in cooking. These are handled safely and supervised. Detailed safety instructions are given and younger children get smaller knives, but this may be something you need to consider depending on your child’s needs.

I have no doubt that if you feel your child would be safe in a kitchen and  contacted  Chef Nite Orlando in advance and explained your child’s needs they would be able to accommodate in some way.

My son had a brilliant time and was very pleased with himself at having achieved making his own dinner!

Additionally to Family cooking sessions, Chef Rashaad also runs adult classes and couples date night classes. Chef Nite Orlando can be found at: Their facebook page is: The phone number is +14073940133 and email:

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