Club Cool, Disney’s Epcot, Orlando

Not everyone knows to look out for Club Cool. From the outside it looks like another shop, which it is, but there is a difference with this shop.

Inside Club Cool, other than a lot of cool coca-cola products to buy, there is the opportunity to try different coca-cola products from around the world….for free!

So if it is a hot day and you are wondering round Epcot in need of a drink and a place to cool off then this is a great place to come.

You can help yourself to the tiny cups and choose from various drinks. Some are nice, others are interesting. We try them all and then decide which is our favourite.

First to try today was the Italian drink, Beverly. It didn’t go down too well with most of us to be honest, a bit too bitter, but my son drank three cups!

Secondly, we tried the Greek Fanta which is pineapple flavoured. This one was decidedly delicious.

The third drink we tried was another Fanta, this time Melon flavoured. This is a favourite drink in Thailand and also my favourite drink today.

Next was Vegitabeta from Japan. This drink is not fizzy. It has apricot and passionfruit flavours and is brightly coloured with beta carotene. It was fairly nice.

The bright green South African drink was the next one we tried. It is called Bibo and is kiwi and mango flavoured. This drink was my daughters favourite.

Zimbabwe’s Sparberry was next. This was a raspberry flavoured cream soda launched in 1955 and only available in south east Africa. The kids liked it.

Inca Kola, known as “the taste of Peru” strangely tasted a lot like bubble gum. I wasn’t so keen but the kids liked it.

Last of all we tried Kuat from Brazil. This is a guarana flavoured drink. It was surprisingly pleasant!

Having tried all the drinks and decided on their favourites, the kids had a couple more cups full and off we went to our next ride. This was a fun, free activity which had the added bonus of both cooling us down and providing us with much needed drinks.

Taking a child with an ASD to Club Cool?

This is a good place to have a break between rides and is air conditioned.

It can get fairly busy but you dont normally have to wait to try any drinks as there are so many taps.

The drinks are free so it doesnt matter if they are not to taste.

This is also a shop with products for sale.

There are two doors so it is a good idea to stay with your child.

Club Cool can be found in Future World at Epcot park at Disney World, Orlando. It is located next to the fountains at the end of Innoventions West.

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