Miss Adventure Falls, Typhoon Lagoon, Orlando

Today we popped over to Typhoon Lagoon to try out Miss Adventure Falls, a water slide that wasn’t here last year.

The slide has a story behind it in keeping with the rest of the park. It is about Captain Mary Oceaneer and her parrot. Captain Mary was a treasure hunter and her ship, full of treasure, got caught in a typhoon. Her treasure was scattered and the ship destroyed.

Even the queue is themed with clever small details such as signs that tell the story and bits of treasure embedded into the path along with the parrots footprints.

The ride is great in that instead of having to walk up, you board your raft at the bottom and ride up a conveyer belt.

The rafts are for 2-4 people. If you are riding alone you will be added to someone else’s raft and if there are more than four of you then your party will need to split to ride.

On the way up to the beginning of the slide you will see Captain Mary’s ship complete with talking parrot and a creaking crane precariously holding a crate above your head!

The top of the slide is in a tunnel so you don’t know what to expect as you enter.

For the next minute or so you are twisted and turned down through tunnels and slopes.

Miss Adventure Falls is the longest ride at any of the Disney waterparks.

Taking a child with an ASD on Miss Adventure Falls?

The ride is new this year so has a relatively long queue with no fast pass option. In order to cut the queue time we got to Typhoon Lagoon as it opened and headed straight for this ride. We queued for around ten minutes which is as much as my son will manage. Parts of the queue were sectioned off and there is potential for it to get very long.

You can share a raft with your child so are able to supervise them throughout the ride.

You must remain seated.

This is not a ride where you come out of the raft at the end so you do not need to be able to swim to ride.

Goggles,sunglasses and swim shoes may be worn on the ride.

Although it is described as a white water ride it is not too scary and has no sudden drops, although it does go darker in places as it goes through tunnels.

Miss Adventure Falls can be found near the Crush ā€˜nā€™ Gusher slides at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park.

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