No1 Lounge, Heathrow Airport T3

Needing a calm place for my son to relax before flights means we often book airport lounges.

This time we tried out Heathrow airports No1 lounge and we enjoyed it.

The lounge was at capacity and turning walk ins away but we had fortunately pre-booked online so checking in was very quick and easy.

We were shown to our reserved seats which were in a room within the lounge. This smaller room had glass walls to see into the lounge, 3 tables, a big TV on the wall and two computers to use.

We were able to help ourselves to food from the buffet which at the time  was lunch. There was soup and bread available as well as lots of fruit and some nibbles such as olives. There was also a selection of cakes.

Additionally to the buffet we were able to order one item each from the menu. We tried the fish finger sandwich, greek salad and hot salmon salad. All of these meals were brought to our table. They were well presented, fresh and very nice.

A variety of soft drinks, juices, hot drinks and anything from the bar was included with the lounge entry, with the exception of champagne which you could pay for.

The lounge was bigger than many I have been in and available to use was a cinema room, a kids TV room, a spa, toilets, private work areas, separate seating areas, showers and sleeping pods.

Taking a child with an ASD to Heathrow Airport No1 lounge? 

Even though the lounge was at capacity we were allocated a table in a small, quiet, comfy room which was ideal.

It is quieter than the busy airport.
If you contact the airport you can be escorted through security and to the lounge and then picked up and escorted to your gate.

There is a variety of food and drinks available.

Toilets are unusually but conveniently in the lounge.

There are plug sockets and wifi available as well as computers and TVs to use.

Heathrow Terminal three No1 lounge can be found at:

If is advisable to book in advance online to guarantee entry.

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