The Pirates League, Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Ahoy there! I went to Disney world with a little girl who wanted to do Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and become a real princess and two little boys who really didn’t!  

When I looked into the prices I was pleased the two boys didn’t want to do that activity but it made me wonder if there was anything better for boys.
That’s when i discovered the Pirates League and with the prices being so reasonable I also managed to persuade my little girl that pirate empress’ are way cooler than princess’ (which they are) and I booked them all in to become pirates!

I planned a whole day of pirate themed activities starting with the Pirates League then moving on to do the pirate treasure hunt in Magic Kingdom, see the pirate show, meet Jack Sparrow and ride Pirates of the Caribbean. That evening I booked the pirate dinner party to finish it all off.

We bought our own pirate costumes on ebay before we went and arrived at the Pirates League dressed up. We were welcomed inside. The older kids were shown how to spin the wheel to choose their pirate names whilst their little friend was helped to write his name in the book.

All three children had different helpers so no one had to wait. Each child was shown to a chair in front of a big mirror.

My daughter was given the choice between becoming a pirate empress or a mermaid. She chose the empress. She was thoroughly pampered and loved it! She got pirate makeup, lip gloss, nail polish and face gems.

She had her hair done pirate style and a reversible bandana put on. She was given an earring and a pink eye patch.

It was finished off with a temporary pirate tattoo!  She got to keep all the makeup and nailvarnish too which she was very pleased with!

My son had the first mate package which included face paints that he chose not to have.  He was given a reversible bandana, pirate earring, eye patch and temporary pirate tattoo.

Their little friend was younger so he was done up to look like Jake and the Neverland Pirates complete with hair and facepaint.

As each child was finished they were sworn in as proper pirates with a personalised oath and then announced to the room and everyone cheered.

It didn’t finish there though! They were presented with sashes and swords. Then they were given a lesson on how to use the swords safely before being shown a hidden chamber where the Pirate Masters surprised them with a bit of treasure and a bag to keep it in. They were presented with pirate certificates and left looking and acting like real pirates!

In my opinion this experience is far better value for money than Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and all the kids loved the swashbuckling fun, especially my daughter!

Taking a child with an ASD to the Pirates League?

The staff were very patient with my son, he didn’t have to participate in anything he wasn’t comfortable with. He chose not to have his face painted or to be announced to the room and that was fine. They explained everything to him very clearly.

At times the room gets loud as pirates are rowdy and when a new pirate is announced there is noise.

The Empress Package and the first mate package both cost $44.95 The Jake and the Never Land Pirates Package cost $39.95. The Pirates League is in Adventureland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance by ringing (407) 939-2739.


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