Little Zoo Keepers experience at Dudley Zoo

Dudley zoo is quite a small zoo but they do a little zookeepers experience for 8-13 year olds so we went to check it out!

On arrival we went to the meeting point to be greeted by the zoo keeper looking after us.

The first job for the kids was to feed the meerkats. They donned gloves and grabbed handfuls of food to throw to the eagerly waiting animals.

When the meerkats had eaten breakfast the kids were taken to the petting farm to feed, clean and look after the animals. We took the opportunity to find a cup of tea!

Next we got our own private meet and greet session with some smaller animals and reptiles. The kids loved this as they got to hold them and we weren’t rushed because it was just for our party.

Then we were shown to the penguin enclosure where the children got to go in and throw fish to the penguins!

When they had finished with the penguins, the children were taken into the tapir enclosure. They got to meet and feed the tapirs and pose for pictures with them. The pictures were later sent to us.

After all the animal fun the kids were given goodie bags including certificates, small souvenirs and a photo frame for their tapir picture.
We had a quick look round the rest of the zoo before we left.

The little zoo keepers experience was really good value for money considering all the activities the children got to do and they had a brilliant time.

Taking a child with an ASD to do the little zoo keepers experience at Dudley zoo?

My son loves animals, they calm him down and so this was a perfect activity for him.

The activities are clearly explained and supervised.
I was able to stay with the kids and help him if necessary.

Information about the little zoo keepers experience for 8-13 year olds, at Dudley zoo can be found at:

It costs £80 for one child, £125 for two children; £165 for three children or £200 for four children. I also took a 6 year old who I didn’t pay for as he was too young. He was allowed to help feed the meerkats and hold the small animals and reptiles as well as watch the others in the enclosures

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