The Crocky Trail near Chester

As you enter from the car park you see some of the attractions. There are huge vertical slides, a spinning tunnel and various other rides.

There are two parts to The Crocky Trail, the trail and the big rides. We decided to do the trail first.

The trail is essentially a mile long walk in the countryside with challenges and attractions along the way. It is good old fashioned fun with tunnels to crawl through, various ways to cross the river and mazes to get lost in!

When we had finished the trail we moved on to the bigger rides. The rides are all homemade and unlike any other you have been on. We loved the Titanic, a slide that you try to hold on as it gets steeper and steeper until one by one everyone loses their grip and slides down.

We also loved the flying saucer, a giant disk that spins while you try and make your way to the top but all end up in a hilarious spinning heap in the middle!

There are climbing walls, dancing, and all manor of spinning fun.

The one attraction that didn’t go down well with my kids was the ghost house. Unfortunately I did not heed the warning sign as, well how scary can a ghost house get? It was very dark and loud with screaming noises. By the time we got too far in to turn back and try and get past everyone we were being squashed and poked by the walls and the kids freaked out! After what seemed like hours with two scared and crying children when we found the exit they ran out hysterically screaming and crying! We won’t go in there again!

All in all we had a great few hours at this attraction. We will be back!

Taking a child with an ASD to The Crocky Trail?

During school holidays it can get very busy and crowded with a lot of people on attractions and queues.

Avoid the ghost house!!!

The trail is quieter than the big attractions so if you feel your child isn’t handling the attractions try the trail, it’s more like a mile long walk through the countryside with stuff to play on and do on the way round.

Take spare clothes.

There is a video on the website that might be worth watching before you go.

There is food there but you are allowed to picnic.

The Crocky Trail is at Cotton Abbotts near Chester. For information you can email:

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